Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center APN Council Presents: 2nd Annual APN Virtual Conference

Stepping into the Spotlight of a Brave New World

November 8-12, 2021 | Daily at 12:00 pm


  • Monday: Jessica Bente, PharmD; “Complimentary Medications”
  • Tuesday: Javicia Peterson-Cole, DNP, APN; “APN Role & Patient Experience”
  • Wednesday: Nancy Munoz, ASW; “APN Legislative Update”
  • Thursday: Janice Petix, LCSW; “Re-establishing Well-being, Redefining Happiness in the Post-COVID World”
  • Friday: Leslie Wright-Brown, PhDc, RN, NPD-BC; “Social Determinants of Health: The APN’s Niche in the COVID-19 Era”

CMEs will be offered

Registration required: