Findings from Project AIM: What we’ve learned from research on interventions designed to support children on the autism spectrum (Presented by NJACE)

Young autistic children access a variety of early childhood interventions and supports. Until recently, there had been few controlled studies examining the effectiveness of these interventions, but the last decade has seen a precipitous increase in the amount of available evidence.

Project AIM (Autism Intervention Meta-analysis) is the award-winning investigation that summarized the findings of this new evidence base. In this talk, lead investigator Dr. Micheal Sandbank presents on the findings of Project AIM, providing an overview of the quality of available evidence, the observed effects of different types of interventions, and key factors that may influence the extent to which they benefit children.

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Speaker: Micheal Sandbank, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator | Early Childhood Special Education; Lead Researcher | Project AIM; College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin

This webinar is presented by the NJ Autism Center of Excellence (NJACE).