Strategies to Promote Development for a Better Life for Autistic Children through the DIR Model

The DIR model was created to help children with developmental challenges and strengthen their families so they can support and advocate for their child as the unique individual they are.

Together we will discover how to meet a child where he or she is developmentally, as well as how using simple strategies and techniques can promote motivation, learning, and engagement.

  • Learn how understanding the deep why of behavioral challenges can bring out the best in our children.
  • Explore techniques adults can use that support their child's interest in the world.
  • Understand that goodness of fit is affected by the individual differences within the family unit.
  • Identify how we can use practical strategies to help children respond to environmental challenges.
  • Learn about the brain development that happens when children connect and play with people who care about them.
  • Examine the evidence showing DIR among the most effective interventions for families supporting children with autism.


Natalie Kitts, Clinical Director @Positive Development

Faith Thayer, Lead Mental Health Therapist @Positive Development

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