Comprehensive Blood Screening Program - Clara Maass Medical Center


Cancer Center Conference Room
Clara Maass Medical Center
One Clara Maass Drive
Belleville, New Jersey 07109

Screening includes a complete cholesterol profile and glucose test in addition to other
elements including electrolytes and complete blood count. Entire test includes:
Comprehensive Metabolic PNL (Sodium; Potassium; Chloride; Glucose; Blood Urea Nitrog;
Creatinine; Bilirubin, Total; ALK Phosphatase; SGOT/AST; Total Protein; Albumin; Calcium;
CO2; and SGPT/ALT), Iron, Lipid Profile (Cholesterol IN IL; Triglyceride; HDL Cholesterol;
and LDL Cholesterol), CBC (White Cell Count; Red Blood Cell Count; Hemoglobin;
Hematocrit; MCV; MCH; MCHC; RDW; Platelet Count; and Mean Platelet Volume), and T4

Cost: $40, Payable at time of screening
Checks or money orders payable to Clara Maass Medical Center
Additional Information: Registrants can enter at the Continuing Care Building entrance
from the parking deck. The Cancer Center Conference Room is on the right upon entering
the Continuing Care Building. Parking is free for participants. Participants receive a
validation card that they are to bring to the security officer in the Lobby to have their parking
ticket validated. Light refreshments will be provided to registrants, including juice(s), tea,
coffee, fruit and an assortment of breakfast pastries and breads.

Preregistration is required. To register, please call 1.888.724.7123

Clara Maass Medical Center

1 Clara Maass Drive

Belleville , NJ 07109

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