MCAT Shop Talk - 2 Minute Drill: Case Communication and Presentation Strategies for ATs

MCAT ShopTalk 12/17/19 - “2 Minute Drill: Case Communication and Presentation Strategies for ATs "

(BOC Approved Cat A)

December 2019 Mercer County Athletic Trainer ShopTalk

Presenters - Adam Redlich, MD (Owner @ A+ Athlete Sports Medicine) and Ryan Stevens, MPS, LAT, CSCS (Manager - Sports Medicine @ RWJ Hamilton and RWJ Somerset

Tuesday, December 17th from 7:30-9pm. Dinner provided!

Clear, concise, listener-specific communication: So much that we do as ATs relies upon effective, efficient communication with other healthcare providers, administrators, coaches, and family members. Often we get so caught up in trying to be thorough in our message that we end up saying way more than is needed and/or confusing the intended recipient of the message. Misunderstandings lead to lack of continuity of care and frustration. Learn how you can take ownership in avoiding this. In this MCAT Workshop, we are going to review the importance of clean, concise communication tailored specifically to the type of recipient. Participants will practice these skills in a small group format to showcase understanding. 

Practice Gap: Clear, efficient communication of injury cases to involved stakeholders

3 core objectives

  • Ats will examine the importance of efficient communication when presenting injury cases to involved stakeholders
  • ATs will be able to communicate S-SBAR, OPQRST, & COLDREARS approaches to efficient injury case presentation / communication
  • ATs will be able to formulate effective & efficient case presentation targeted to other healthcare providers and to the layperson (parent, coach)

Location - New Jersey Athletic Club (2nd floor multipurpose room), Lawrenceville, NJ

Please reserve your spot by registering by Saturday, December 14th, 2019.

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RWJ Rehabilitation Center New Jersey Athletic Club (NJAC)

4152 Quakerbridge Road

2nd Floor Multipurpose Room

Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Questions? Contact Ryan Stevens, Manager - Athletic Training

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