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    Lasers and Plastic Surgery (Reconstructive and Cosmetic)

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    St. George's School of Medicine, Grenada, W.I., 2004


    UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX, 2008


    UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX, 2013


    UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX, 2008

    Title:Heat shock proteins 47 and 70 expression in rodent skin model as a function of contact cooling temperature. Are we overcooling our target?
    Authors:SA Brown, JP Farkas, JM Kenkel
    Publisher:Lasers Surg Med.
    Date:July 2007
    Description:Peer Reviewed Publication
    Title:The Effect of Blood Pressure on Hematoma Formation with Perioperative Lovenox in Excisional Body Contouring Surgery
    Authors:JP Farkas, JM Kenkel, DA Hatef, G Davis, T Truong, RJ Rohrich, SA Brown
    Publisher:Aesthetic Surgery Journal
    Date:Nov/Dec 2007
    Description:Peer Reviewed Publication
    Title:Thromboembolic Risk Assessment and the Efficacy of Enoxaparin Prophylaxis in Excisional Body Contouring Surgery
    Authors:DA Hatef, JM Kenkel, MQ Nguyen, JP Farkas, F Abtahi, RJ Rohrich, SA Brown
    Publisher:Plast Recontr Surg
    Date:July 2008
    Description:Peer Reviewed Publication
    Title:The Effects of Common Laser Treatments on Hyaluronic Acid in a Porcine Model
    Authors:JP Farkas, JA Richardson, SA Brown, JE Hoopman, JM Kenkel
    Publisher:Aesthet Surg J
    Date:Sep/Oct 2008
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:Double-Barrel Free Fibula Flap for Teatment of Infected Nonunion of Both Forearm Bones
    Authors:M Saint-Cyr, JP Farkas, A Gupta
    Publisher:Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery
    Date:Dec 2008
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:TUNEL assay for histopathological evaluation of irreversible chromosomal damage following non-ablative fractiona photothermolysis
    Authors:JP Farkas, JA Richardson, J Hoopman, SA Brown, JM Kenkel
    Publisher:Plast Reconst Surg
    Date:Dec 2008
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:Preventing and managing dry eyes after periorbital surgery: a retrospective review
    Authors:AH Hamawy, JP Farkas, S Fagien, RJ Rohrich
    Publisher:Plast Reconstr Surg
    Date:Jan 2009
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:Micro-island damage with a non-ablative 1540nm Er:Glass fractional laser device in human skin
    Authors:JP Farkas, JA Richardson, J Hoopman, SA Brown, JM Kenkel
    Publisher:J Cosmet Dermatol
    Date:Jun 2009
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:In-Vivo Histopathological comparison of the acute injury following treatment with five fractional ablative laser devices
    Authors:JP Farkas, JM Kenkel, CF Burrus, JA Richardson, SA Brown
    Publisher:Aesthe Surg J
    Date:May 2010
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:Refinements in Adominoplasty: A Critical Outcomes Analysis over a 20-Year Period
    Authors:AP Trussler, TJ Kurkjian, DA Hatef, JP Farkas, RJ Rohrich
    Publisher:Plast Recontr Surg
    Date:Sep 2010
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:TUNEL assay to characterize acute histopathological injury following treatment with the active and deep FX fractional short-pulse CO2 devices
    Authors:JP Farkas, JA Richardson, SA Brown, B Ticker, E Walgama, CF Burrus, JE Hoopman, FE Barton, JM Kenkel
    Publisher:Aesthet Surg J
    Date:Jul/Aug 2010
    Description:Peer Reviewed Journal
    Title:Liposuction: Basic Techniques & Safety
    Authors:JP Farkas, PJ Stephan, JM Kenkel
    Publisher:The Art of Aestheic Surgery: Principles and Techniques
    Issue:2nd Edition
    Description:Book Chapter