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    Anya M. Litvak, MD, joined The Cancer Center at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center in 2015. Dr. Litvak is a board-certified medical oncologist whose clinical practice is dedicated to the care of patients with breast cancer. She trained at the nation’s top institutions including Baylor College of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. Dr. Litvak is committed to bringing exceptional care to women fighting breast cancer.

    Dr. Litvak partners with a multidisciplinary team of devoted specialists including nurse navigators, social workers, breast surgeons, breast radiologists, oncology nurses, radiation oncologists, dieticians, physical therapists, lymphedema specialists, geneticists and integrative medicine physicians. As a team, they have one of the largest breast cancer practice in the country.

    Dr. Litvak believes in a shared decision making approach and takes pride in educating and empowering her patients to jointly make decisions regarding management plans. Her goal is to optimize chance of cure and prolong survival while respecting and honoring one’s individual needs and wishes.

    As a principle investigator of a number of breast cancer trials at the cancer center, Dr. Litvak delivers personalized, state of the art breast cancer care to her patients. She works with academic centers throughout the country to deliver novel, targeted therapies to women with breast cancer. In 2020, Dr. Litvak was selected to be part of the ASCO biomarker committee, a group of leading breast oncologists, who make recommendations on the appropriate use of breast tumor biomarker assays to guide decisions on adjuvant systemic therapy for early stage invasive breast cancer

    Visit our Clinical Trials page for a full list of breast cancer clinical trials.

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    Clinical Interests

    Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Solid Tumors

  • Medical School

    Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, 2009


    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, 2012


    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, 2015

    Title:Selective induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells through adenoviral transfer of the melanoma differentiation associated-7/inteukin-24 gene
    Authors:Saito Y, Miyahara R, Gopalan B, Litvak A, Inoue S, Shanker M, Branch C, Mhashilkar A, Roth J, Chada S, Ramesh R
    Publisher:Cancer Gene Ther
    Date:March 2005
    Issue:12 (3):238-47
    Title:Activation of the Fas-FasL Signaling Pathway by MDA-7/IL-24 Kills Human Ovarian Cancer Cells
    Authors:Gopalan B, Litvak A, Sharma S, Mhashilkar A, Chada S, Ramesh R
    Publisher:Cancer Research
    Date:April 2005
    Issue:65 (8): 3017-3024
    Description:PMID: 15833826
    Title:Use of Chemotherapy in the Resection of Liver Metastases of Colorectal Cancer
    Authors:Litvak A, Saltz L
    Publisher:Curr Colorectal Cancer Report
    Date:June 2013
    Title:False-positive elevations of carcinoembryonic antigen in patients with a history of resected colorectal cancer
    Authors:Litvak A, Cercek A, Segal N, Reidy-Lagunes D, Stadler ZK, Yaeger RD, Kemeny NE, Weiser MR, Pessin MS, Saltz L
    Publisher:J Natl Compr Canc Netw.
    Date:2014 June
    Description:PMID: 24925201
    Title:Phase II Study of the GI-4000 KRAS Vaccine After Curative Therapy in Patients With Stage I-III Lung Adenocarcinoma Harboring a KRAS G12C, G12D, or G12V Mutation
    Authors:Chaft JE, Litvak A, Arcila ME, Patel P, D'Angelo SP, Krug LM, Rusch V, Mattson A, Coeshott C, Park B, Apelian DM, Kris MG, Azzoli CG
    Publisher:Clin Lung Cancer
    Date:June 2014
    Title:Successful Perioperative Use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in the Treatment of Acquired Factor X Deficiency in the Setting of Systemic Light-Chain (AL) Amyloidosis
    Authors:Litvak A, Kumar A, Wong R, Smith L, Hassoun H, Soff G
    Publisher:Am J Hematol
    Date:2014 Jul
    Description:PMID: 25060940
    Title:Neuroendocrine Tumors in Cancer Consult: Expertise for Clinical Practice
    Authors:Litvak, A. and Saltz, L.
    Publisher:John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Oxford, UK
    Issue:eds S. A. Abutalib and M. Markman
    Title:Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Germ Cell Tumors in Pocket Oncology
    Authors:Litvak A, Tew W, Graham R
    Publisher:Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA
    Issue:eds A Drilon, M Postow, and L Krug
    Title:Clinical characteristics and outcomes for patients with thymic carcinoma: evaluation of Masaoka staging.

    Litvak AM, Woo K, Hayes S, Huang J, Rimner A, Sima CS, Moreira AL, Tsukazan M, Riely GJ.

    Publisher:J Thorac Oncol
    Date:2014 Dec
    Description:PMID: 2539379

    Clinical characteristics and course of 63 patients with BRAF mutant lung cancers.


    Litvak AM, Paik PK, Woo KM, Sima CS, Hellmann MD, Arcila ME, Ladanyi M, Rudin CM, Kris MG, Riely GJ.

    Publisher:J Thorac Oncol
    Date:2014 Nov
    Description:PMID: 25436800

    From genotype to phenotype: Are there imaging characteristics associated with lung adenocarcinomas harboring RET and ROS1 rearrangements?


    Plodkowski AJ, Drilon A, Halpenny DF, O'Driscoll D, Blair D, Litvak AM, Zheng J, Moskowitz CS, Ginsberg MS.

    Publisher:Lung Cancer
    Date:2015 Nov
    Description:PMID: 26424208

    Bronchial and Thymic Carcinoid Tumors.


    Litvak A, Pietanza MC.

    Publisher:Hematol Oncol Clin North Am
    Date:2016 Feb
    Description:PMID: 26614370

    Next-Generation Sequencing of Pulmonary Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Reveals Small Cell Carcinoma-like and Non-Small Cell Carcinoma-like Subsets.


    Rekhtman N, Pietanza MC, Hellmann MD, Naidoo J, Arora A, Won H, Halpenny DF, Wang H, Tian SK, Litvak AM, Paik PK, Drilon AE, Socci N, Poirier JT, Shen R, Berger MF, Moreira AL, Travis WD, Rudin CM, Ladanyi M.

    Publisher:Clin Cancer Res
    Date:2016 Jul
    Description:PMID: 26960398

    A phase I trial of the Hedgehog inhibitor, sonidegib (LDE225), in combination with etoposide and cisplatin for the initial treatment of extensive stage small cell lung cancer.


    Pietanza MC, Litvak AM, Varghese AM, Krug LM, Fleisher M, Teitcher JB, Holodny AI, Sima CS, Woo KM, Ng KK, Won HH, Berger MF, Kris MG, Rudin CM.

    Publisher:Lung Cancer
    Date:2016 Sep
    Description:PMID: 27565909

    Radiogenomic evaluation of lung cancer - Are there imaging characteristics associated with lung adenocarcinomas harboring BRAF mutations?


    Halpenny DF, Plodkowski A, Riely G, Zheng J, Litvak A, Moscowitz C, Ginsberg MS.

    Publisher:Clin Imaging
    Date:2017 March
    Description:PMID: 28012356

    Macroscopic lymphovascular invasion visualized on mammogram and magnetic resonance imaging: Initially misidentified as ductal carcinoma in situ but properly diagnosed by immunohistochemistry.


    Sanders LM, Dardik M, Modi L, Sanders AE, Schaefer SS, Litvak A.

    Publisher:SAGE Open Med Case Rep
    Date:2017 April
    Description:PMID: 28491319

    Racial disparities in the rate of cardiotoxicity of HER2-targeted therapies among women with early breast cancer.


    Litvak A, Batukbhai B, Russell SD, Tsai HL, Rosner GL, Jeter SC, Armstrong D, Emens LA, Fetting J, Wolff AC, Silhy R, Stearns V, Connolly RM.

    Date:2018 Jan
    Description:PMID: 29381193

    Stage IV lung carcinoids: spectrum and evolution of proliferation rate, focusing on variants with elevated proliferation indices.


    Rekhtman N, Desmeules P, Litvak AM, Pietanza MC, Santos-Zabala ML, Ni A, Montecalvo J, Chang JC, Beras A, Preeshagul IR, Sabari JK, Rudin CM, Ladanyi M, Klimstra DS, Travis WD, Lai WC.

    Publisher:Mod Pathol.
    Date:2019 Mar
    Description:PMID: 30923345
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