A Vision for Health in Hudson County

Jersey City Medical Center makes first-rate care available throughout the whole county and is expanding its services in big, bold ways.

​A rendering of the planned expansion of the Jersey City Medical Center Emergency Department.
Michael Prilutsky, President and CEO of JCMC

Michael Prilutsky
President and CEO of JCMC

As anyone who looks at the Jersey City skyline can see, Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) is growing by leaps and bounds—but the plans don’t stop at the boundaries of the city.

“Our vision for the future involves all of Hudson County,” says Michael Prilutsky, President and CEO of JCMC. “There are about 700,000 people in Hudson County, and we are their provider of choice.”

Here, he explains JCMC’s vision for healing, enhancing, and investing in Hudson County.

A Rock In Stormy Seas

Our vision for the future is always based on the past and the present. Jersey City Medical Center has been the anchor of healthcare in Hudson County since 1882. We’ve served during crises, such as treating the many 9/11 survivors who were ferried here. Every single passenger on the flight that landed in the Hudson River came here. When there was a crash in the Hoboken train station, with more than 100 injuries, most of those patients came here.

As for the present, there’s no better indication of our role than what happened when we dealt with the region’s surge in coronavirus cases earlier this year. Many hospitals had to go on divert—meaning that they had reached capacity and had to send patients elsewhere—but we were open the entire time. We coordinated with emergency services throughout Hudson County. It was an incredible effort by our team.

Several nearby hospitals had to shut down their maternity services, so for a period of two to three weeks, we delivered every baby in Hudson County and sent them home happy and healthy. We also provided the vast majority of behavioral healthcare during that time. Jersey City Medical Center was an immovable rock in the middle of stormy seas.

Expanding All Ways

Jersey City Medical Center provides care equal to what patients can find in Manhattan—but without their having the hassle of travel across the river. We’re doing this by making transformational investments in many different service lines and bringing in new high-end specialists with impeccable credentials. We started that investment over the last few years in orthopedics and have been accelerating through additional services.


In addition to expanding our roster of experts and services, we are aligned with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the state’s only NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. That means our patients have access to the latest research and treatments, and the best cancer professionals, in the country.

We are also building a brand-new oncology center across from the main hospital campus.

Maternal Care

For maternity, we recently opened the Lord Abbett Maternity Wing, where, in addition to world-class care, new mothers are guaranteed a private room, a place for their partner to stay, and a view of the Statue of Liberty. We have a Level III Regional Perinatal Center that is second to none. Last year, we delivered quintuplets and sent them home healthy.

Cardiovascular Care

We are continuing to add specialists to our comprehensive cardiac care program and continue to be the only full-service heart hospital in Hudson County.

Primary Care

We encourage people to be proactive about their healthcare, and that means developing a relationship with a primary care provider who can screen for and treat many major health conditions. To that end, we’ve created primary care hubs in the Pavonia and Greenville sections of Jersey City and in Bayonne, and more will follow. We’re integrating mental health services into our primary care offices as well.

Pediatric Emergency Care

We get 15,000 pediatric Emergency Department visits each year, and that population deserves an experience tailored to their needs. So we’re doubling the size of the ED. Eventually, the pediatric ED will have its own entrance and rooms.

Socioeconomic Support

Knowing that social determinants—where people live, what they eat, how they learn—has a major effect on overall health, we’ve invested heavily in population health. We’re working with city and county agencies and foundations on the best ways to help communities. This includes healthy food programs, job training, connecting people with housing help, legal aid and insurance, and much more.

The reason we are able to move forward so effectively and with so much commitment to excellence is that we are part of RWJBarnabas Health, a leading health system that believes in our mission and believes in Hudson County. As the future unfolds, we will continue to be at the forefront of care for all the communities we serve in Hudson County.

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