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Tips to Make Your Gynecologist Visit Easier

How to Enjoy Seeing the Gynecologist

Like going to the dentist, going to your annual gynecological exam is rarely met with enthusiasm. Fear and anxiety builds over whether something might be wrong and the inevitable intrusion into the private areas of the female anatomy is not how most want to spend their day. But the reality is that regularly seeing your gynecologist is not only good for your reproductive health, it’s good for the rest of the body as well! Here are some tips to consider for your next gynecologist visit.

Be Honest

The whole point of going to the doctor is to make sure that you maintain your health or properly treat what needs to be treated. Doctors can make the most accurate diagnosis when they have as much information available to them as possible. They’re not going to judge you; they want to help! Which will you regret more: admitting something embarrassing or holding something back that could have helped the doctor treat you better? Also, don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know something. Many people don’t want to admit that they don’t have an answer and will provide information under the logic that something is better than nothing. Avoid the trap and don’t misinform.

Don’t Over-Clean Yourself

We all want to put our best foot forward when we know we’re going to be in the spotlight. This is doubly true when it comes to scrutiny of our personal areas. Consequently, many fixate on being groomed and clean on the day of a gyno exam. The problem is that some grooming habits, such as douching, can negatively affect the tests that you’re going in to receive. Do you really want to go in for a second Pap Smear? Stick to basic cleanliness like a thorough shower with soap.

Bring Something Fun to Keep Yourself Busy

At the gynecologist’s office, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have a wait. The discussions with the doctor can become remarkably personal and can often reveal private topics that don’t get discussed anywhere else. This all equals extra time spent on each patient. Rather than let yourself become agitated during the wait, come prepared with ways to entertain yourself. You deserve your time with the doctor as well, so be fair to yourself and keep yourself relaxed. You’ll be less likely to rush out the door once your name’s been called.

Write Down Your Questions and Take Notes for the Visit

The human body is remarkably complex. Medical conditions can present themselves in a variety of ways and symptoms don’t always present themselves in a consistent manner. Get the most out of your annual exam by making a list of questions beforehand and note any observations of symptoms you might have. That way you can help your doctor help you as much as possible.

Rip Off the Band Aid: Ask the Awkward Questions First

A significant portion of the female population exhibits anxiety when it comes to talking about the sexual habits or seemingly embarrassing symptoms related to their genitals. These sorts of questions are what the gynecologist is there for. They expect to be dealing with odor issues and gastric symptoms. And sex talk isn’t taboo. They’ll be happy to discuss why your libido is sluggish or why your significant other wants to do one thing or another. If he or she feels that they can’t properly answer your inquiry, a specialist might be recommended, but judgment won’t be a part of that.

Wear the Right Clothes

It’s an afterthought, but considering the clothing you’ll wear for your visit will play a subtle but important role in how easy your visit will go. Think the exam room will be cold? Bring warm knee socks. They won’t need to be removed for the exam and will mitigate any unwanted chill. Having a mammogram? Wear a slip-on shirt instead of a dress or button-down for easy and minimal removal. It will save you time and leave you feeling less exposed, both common issues at the doctor’s office.

Don’t be Afraid to Switch Doctors

Finding the right doctor is the biggest way to improve your gynecologist exam. A visit to the gynecologist is about as personal as it’s going to get for a woman. You shouldn’t have to settle for someone who makes you feel uncomfortable during an examination or judges you for sexual proclivities. If this is happening, chances are you’ll put off regular examinations, which leaves you vulnerable to developing unpleasant medical conditions. If you can find a doctor who feels more like one of your girlfriends than judge and jury, your visits will improve tremendously.

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