Diabetes Prevention Program

An estimated 96 million U.S. adults have prediabetes. Eight out of 10 people who have prediabetes do not even know they have it.

Prediabetes is a condition in which a person’s blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes.

You can prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes with the PREVENT T2 Program.

Prevent T2 is a year-long program recognized by the Center for Disease Control that has been shown to delay or prevent Type 2 diabetes. For program details, visit www.cdc.gov/diabetes/prevention.

Research shows this program can help participants with prediabetes reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58 percent.

The Center for Diabetes Wellness and Prevention, located at the Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center, has received national recognition from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for its efforts aimed at preventing type 2 diabetes. The Center for Diabetes Wellness and Prevention is only the second health care facility in New Jersey to have received CDC full-recognition status, a designation reserved for programs that have effectively delivered a quality, evidence-based program that meets CDC recognition standards.

Registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators with the Center for Diabetes Wellness and Prevention will lead Prevent T2Program participants through sessions designed to help them lose weight, eat healthy, be more physically active, receive support and manage stress.

Since The Center began offering the Prevent T2 program in 2018, participants have:

  • lost a total of 1,056 pounds or 6.1 percent of their body weight
  • averaged 245 minutes of physical activity per week
  • saw an average reduction in HbA1c of 0.2% which approximates to a 58% risk reduction of developing diabetes

Patient Testimonials

“I am grateful that Cooperman Barnabas offered this type of program. I learned so much about diabetes and why you want to prevent it, if you can.”

“Due to Covid-19, not possible to be in class. Having the handouts on computer and conference call was next best thing.”

There are certain requirements that need to be met to be eligible to participate in the program.

For more information please call 973-322-7007.

Patient Stories

  • "I don't think it really has been a struggle too much because they've been dealing with good people and good doctors so it makes life a lot easier"

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Patient Stories

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