Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging


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Patients need a diagnostic imaging center that can handle their tests and procedures in a timely manner, with comfort and compassion, and get the results to their doctor quickly.

We're here to meet your needs:


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Physicians need a diagnostic imaging center that can turn around a patient's test results efficiently, giving them the information they need to make or confirm a diagnosis.

Trust Your Well-Being to the Gold Standard

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Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) at the Trinitas Diagnostic Imaging Center. Click here for more information.


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Employers need a diagnostic imaging center that they can count on to send their employees for tests and procedures that help them minimize employee downtime and improve productivity.

x-rayWhat We Do

Diagnostic Imaging of Elizabeth, a division of Trinitas Health Care, exists to provide a wide range of diagnostic tests and procedures to the medical community. Serving the people of Elizabeth and those of greater Union county and western Essex county, we can schedule, perform and analyze the following types of tests and procedures:

Our facility is staffed by a talented team of professionals whose sole focus is on giving our patients fast, accurate results with a minimum of discomfort and wait time. We appreciate your business, and we strive to perform our role with both compassion and maximum efficiency.

As a private, fee-for-service facility, we help self-pay patients in a warm, comfortable environment. For those who have medical insurance that might cover some/all of the costs involved, we provide you with the information you need to submit your claim to your insurance company for full or partial reimbursement.

For employers, we have relationships with a number of managed care providers and, for those companies, we provide various types of tests and procedures that are approved by those providers and ordered by company physicians as part of workplace accident claims, workers' compensation cases, and other types of situations where testing is recommended or required.

This is What We Do. How can we help you?

female doctor portrait How We Work

While there are some exceptions to this process, this is generally how we work.

  1. You visit a doctor who tells you a test or procedure is needed.
  2. You find your way to us from a recommendation from a doctor, friend, neighbor or other trusted person.
  3. You call us or stop by to schedule an appointment.
  4. We gather your information, confirm the need for the test with your physician, obtain a prescription from the doctor (it helps to expedite the process if you get one from your doctor that you can provide to us).
  5. We schedule your test or procedure, and we tell you what you need to do in preparation for the test. We might also give you a questionnaire to fill out in advance that helps us understand more about the source of your discomfort and any other information we try to gather in advance to help you.
  6. You fill out the questionnaire, follow the preparation instructions and arrive at our Diagnostic Imaging Center the day of your test.
  7. We perform your test or procedure quickly and efficiently, and send you on your way.
  8. Our physicians evaluate the results and notify your physician by way of a written report as to the findings of your test or procedure. In some cases, we may also have a phone consultation with your physician regarding this matter.

In most cases, this is the process we have designed to give you a smooth, comfortable experience. After performing thousands of tests and procedures over a __-year period, we know all of the issues involved in delivering the best possible customer service to you. As always, you can communicate any problems or concerns to any member of our staff at any time. We strive to continually improve our performance, and your input is invaluable to us in this regard.

Hopefully, once you have had your test or procedure performed here you might be kind enough to refer us to others if the opportunity arises. To this end, a large percentage of our clients are those who have come back again, or have referred others they know and love because they know we're among the best at what we do.

This is How We Work.

hay couple smiling and huggingWho We Help

Trinitas Diagnostic Imaging exists to serve several distinct client groups:

Ultimately, all of our work involves taking images of patients and helping them through the experience of preparing for and going through their procedure (or procedures). In many cases, we take the time to explain what is being done, what will happen once the testing is completed, and we strive to answer all questions, comments and problems with compassion, concern and professionalism. We handle translations for some patients, we work with family members who are there to help their loved one, and we assist patients who need to make transportation arrangements.

Most of our patients come to us after visiting their physician and learning that their doctor wants them to undergo a particular diagnostic test. For physicians, we guide your patient through the testing process and provide you with concise and precise reporting that assists you in confirming an initial finding or, in some cases, raises new questions about an initial diagnosis. We have an excellent staff of radiologists who work with you to interpret results and provide the documentation needed to take the necessary next steps to treat your patient. We treat your patient with respect, and we will discuss any special instructions or express reporting needs you may have.

If you work for a company's Human resources Department or if you are in the position of referring your employees for testing, Trinitas Diagnostic Imaging can work with you to handle referrals for an employee who may need one or more tests. Click here to learn more about how we work with companies in the Union, Essex and Hudson County areas who want to give their employees all available options.