Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

Philips 3.0 Tesla Elition X: This wide-bore system is capable of performing the highest caliber MRI imaging techniques, specializing in neurological and orthopedic applications. With a window projecting natural light and an array of patient mirrors, this 3.0T system delivers on stellar detail while ensuring patient comfort. The Elition X is equipped with auto voice patient instructions in over 30 languages, and includes the latest software enabling the fastest industry scan times without compromising diagnostic confidence.

Achieva 1.5 T: A short-bore system with fast scan technology, the Achieva 1.5T offers the ability to put most studies in feet first to minimize anxiety and incorporates natural lighting to minimize claustrophobia.

Philips Ingenia Wide Bore 1.5T: Ingenia Wide Bore 1.5T, the first-ever digital broadband MRI solution, delivers enhanced clinical versatility and improved patient comfort in one system. With exceptional image resolution, shorter exam times and enhanced patient comfort, the Ingenia Wide Bore 1.5T is the gold standard for Breast Imaging as well as Cardiac and Prostate MRI imaging procedures. Its speed minimizes patient exam time and patient repositioning. It truly is designed with the patient in mind. The wide bore provides more space for larger patients and reduces anxiety.

Philips Panorama High Field Open 1.0: Integrating dynamic lighting and sound, the Ambient Experience offers patients the opportunity to personalize their environment and surround themselves in a relaxing atmosphere while offering quality images and enhanced diagnostics. Ideal for claustrophobic, pediatric and elderly patients.

Ambient Open MRI

In addition to our three state-of-the-art MRI units, we’ve upgraded our 3.0T Philips Elition MRI to complement our two existing 1.5 Tesla magnets and our 1.0 Tesla High Field Open MRI.

Ambient Experience for Open MRI

A highly-sophisticated projector system called the Ambient Experience has been added to the1.0T Open MRI room. The Ambient Experience virtually transforms the room into a multi-dimensional theatre where images such as fish or nature themes are projected onto the specially-designed walls.

Each of the themes has accompanying lighting and music which makes children and anxious adults feel more relaxed and at ease during their procedure.
As soothing music fills the room, the lights are dimmed, and marine life frolics around. Or clusters of cottony clouds dance by. Or fields of wheat wave in a gentle breeze. These, or other larger-than-life images of your choosing, are projected onto the circular walls for relaxation and enjoyment. Each of the themes has accompanying sounds and music which reduces anxiety and replaces it with amazement. The Ambient Experience provides our pediatric, adolescent and adult patients the absolute maximum in patient comfort, and breaks down the anxiety and tension levels.
As patients check-in for an Open MRI exam, they can choose from a variety of themes. As soon as the patient enters the room, the theme is initiated, and the environment becomes tailored to the patient’s preferences.

Pediatric Blood Drawing

For patients who require blood tests, the Imaging Center will provide laboratory services to pediatric patients to draw blood during MR procedure.

The Kitten Scan

A new miniature scanner has been added to the waiting area to help children prepare for their test. Children select a toy, and place it on an interactive miniature scanner to see why the toy is “sick.”

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