Our Radiation Oncology Team

MMC Radonc team

The Institute for Advanced Radiation Oncology’s delivery of comprehensive care is seamlessly orchestrated by a multidisciplinary team that includes:

Radiation Oncologists

Our radiation oncologists work with oncologists and radiation oncology team to coordinate care and radiation oncology treatments for our patients.

Meet Our Radiation Oncologists

Radiation Therapists

Under the direction of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists administer daily treatments to patients and maintain the treatment record. To contact chief radiation therapist Rita Saible, call 732-923-6497.

Oncology Nurses

Members of the institute’s experienced nursing staff are nationally certified by the Oncology Nursing Society. Responsible for coordinating what is often a multidisciplinary treatment course, they begin by conducting initial assessments and medical history evaluations. These nurses follow patients on a daily basis and offer helpful teaching and medical intervention as needed throughout the radiation treatment course. They also provide continuity of care for patients and their families throughout the follow-up period. To contact, call 732-923-6890.

Simulator Therapists

Assisting physicians in the first step in the radiotherapy planning process is the major role of simulator therapists. Under computed tomography (CT) guidance to help target treatment, they are responsible for placing the markings on the skin where treatment will be targeted during upcoming therapy sessions. To contact simulator therapist Joseph Fennell, call 732-923-7970.

Registered Dietitians

Led by an oncology dietitian who specializes in the nutritional needs of people with cancer, registered dietitians work with patients in a consulting capacity to ensure they are eating properly before, during and after treatment, and to offer professional advice on improving their nutritional status.

To contact clinical dietitian, call Amy Saffioti at 732-923-1756.

Physician prescriptions are required. Please call 732.222.5200 x 31756 to schedule an appointment. All patients are required to register thru the admitting office prior to your appointment.

Social Workers

Social workers assist patients and their families by exploring available community resources and acting as a liaison with pharmaceutical companies for participation in patient assistance programs. They also serve as a valuable source for providing information on support groups, outside individual counseling and specific disease sites. To contact social worker, call Abigal Hassel at 732-923-6974.

Office Staff Members

Members of the office staff are available to answer general questions pertaining to insurance, billing, transportation, appointments and scheduling, and can direct specific inquiries to the appropriate clinical team members. To contact office manager Mary Lou Mirachi, call 732-923-6462.

This coordinated approach centers around a unique blend of three distinct qualities — expertise and experience, cutting-edge technology and compassionate, personalized patient care — that enhance the delivery of state-of-the-art radiation therapies.

The team works in partnership with other cancer specialists, including surgical and medical oncologists, in offering patients the most effective treatment — whether it involves radiation therapy alone or integrates other cancer therapies, such as surgery and chemotherapy.

In earning worldwide recognition for its clinical application and research of breakthrough methods radiotherapy, members of our radiation oncology have presented these achievements at numerous national and international professional symposiums, and their work has been widely published in peer-reviewed journals and featured in the national media.