Adult DDMI Unit Expansion Campaign

DDMI Patient

“Because of Trinitas, I can now have a phone conversation with my son – something I wasn’t able to do before.”
– Fran Finkelstein, Parent of an Adult DDMI Patient

Trinitas provides a crucial lifeline for families all across New Jersey who have a loved one who suffers from both intellectual/developmental disabilities and a severe mental illness. Also known as Dual Disorder or DDMI, Trinitas Regional Medical Center is the ONLY hospital in NJ that provides inpatient psychiatric care for these very special children and adults.

We currently assist 200-250 people on our adult unit each year, and do a wonderful job of treating and stabilizing all of them. But since our unit only has 10 beds, patients and their families can wait anywhere from 1-2 days to over a month for treatment, which is far too long for a patient in crisis. And those wait times skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we had to limit the number of patients we could treat to prevent contagion.

Bottom line-Trinitas’ 10 bed unit simply isn’t big enough to serve the entire State of NJ. To provide families across NJ some urgently needed relief, we’re building a second DDMI Unit with 12 additional beds. When a crisis hits, patients and their families should never have to wait for critically needed care. And with your help they won’t have to!

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