Umar Abare

Coordinator, Social Impact and Community Investment

What is your personal WHY? How does your work in the Social Impact and Community Investment Practice at RWJBH motivate you to obtain your WHY?
My personal WHY is to make an impact by improving the lives of everyone I interact with, no matter how minuscule the improvement I take comfort in the idea that people are better off because of our interaction. SICI Practice at RWJBH will motivate me by providing me the opportunity to interact with more people on a larger scale, which will allow me to keep fulfilling my personal Why.
Excluding money, what do you think is the single most effective gift that can be given to an individual or a family to change their life circumstances?
The single most effective gift that anyone can be given to change their circumstances is opportunity. Opportunity and chances are the sparks that light the flames of change.
I cannot go a day without…
I cannot go a day without Music! Music is life!
As a child, I dreamed I would grow up to be…
As a child, I dreamed I would grow up to be a Doctor, until I realized that improving the well-being of others is not only a clinical matter.
If I could give a 10 second speech to the entire United States, my message would be…
During these uncertain times we should try to acknowledge the collateral beauty that surrounds us. This can be seen in the time we spend with our families and the camaraderie built as we all take on this common threat.
The factual or fictional character from a book, movie, or television show who I most identify with is and why?
Wolverine is my favorite superhero of all time because of his resilience, fearlessness and superpower. No matter what is thrown at him, he pushes through to meet his objectives. Even when facing impossible odds the fear of failure does not prevent him from taking action. Lastly, Wolverine's mutant ability is a healing factor that allows him to heal from virtually any wound, and I'm in awe of this power because it symbolizes that the key to our well-being comes from within.