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About Margie Heller

Vice President, Community Health & Global Strategic Partnerships

MargieWhat is your personal WHY? How does your work in the Social Impact and Community Investment Practice at RWJBH motivate you to obtain your WHY?
Making an impact in the quality of people’s lives.
Utilizing my time, skills and knowledge has turned passion into purpose for me. I am motivated to work for an organization whose goals are aligned with mine. The Social Impact and Community Investment Practice has an unwavering commitment to improving the health of our communities, both locally and globally, by using our resources to improve the long term well-being of our residents.
I cannot go a day without…
As a child, I dreamed I would grow up to be…
An early childhood/ special education educator
If I could give a 10 second speech to the entire United States, my message would be…
Across all countries, ethnicities, and religions, we as a human race are more similar than we are different.