Diversity and Inclusion

RWJBarnabas Health is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace. We recognize that diversity and inclusion are essential for the overall health of our patients, employees, and surrounding communities. We believe that when you bring together all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences, those unique perspectives provide potential ideas, solutions & strategies that, when mobilized, can help advance the overall health of the people of New Jersey.

RWJBH remains dedicated to addressing health disparities in our communities. We aim to deliver high quality, patient-centered care to our patients and diverse communities, while providing resources for our populations to reach their full health potential, ultimately, resulting in reaching our objective of health equity.

Diversity at RWJBH is about bringing together all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Every person—whether an employee, a supplier or a patient--has a unique perspective and can provide potential ideas, solutions & strategies that can help advance the overall health of the people of New Jersey.

Inclusion at RWJBH is about creating a sense of belonging, by consciously inviting, welcoming, respecting and engaging each other without bias. By intentionally embracing an expansive set of attitudes, attributes, cultures and skills throughout our healthcare system, we are creating a culture where everyone is valued and treated with respect and dignity. Inclusion is an important part of how we harness the power of diversity.

Our Vision

Our vision at RWJBH is for every person to use their unique backgrounds and experiences to create solutions for a better, healthier world together. We strive to:

  • Advance the overall health of the populations we serve
  • Continuously improve the quality of care we provide
  • Collaborate with physicians for a closely coordinated continuum of care
  • Contribute to the local, regional and state economies by remaining a major employer in our communities
  • Focus on the well-being of the diverse communities we serve with a continued commitment to high-quality, culturally competent care
  • Foster and support a mission of academic excellence, including a commitment to leading-edge research and clinical trials and teaching the next generation of health care workers.

Diversity & Inclusion at RWJBarnabas Health

Our Mission

Our mission at RWJBH is to champion a diverse workforce, to create a multicultural environment, and to foster an inclusive setting to improve the health of the diverse patient populations we serve throughout New Jersey.

We are committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity while appreciating and embracing the differences as well as the similarities that exist among us, so that RWJBH continues to provide high quality, equitable, culturally-competent, patient-centered care to its diverse patients and communities.

Our Voices

“We reaffirm our belief that diversity makes us greater as a country, a state, a community and, especially, as a health care system.”

Barry H. Ostrowsky, President and Chief Executive Officer

Strategic Pillars

Corporate Office of Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Pillars

Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy has six foundational pillars that reflect the strategic priorities we have made to enable the organization to address the challenges and opportunities presented by our diverse world. This structural framework within the organization to present the mission, goals, and measures guides the work of the Corporate Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CODI).

  1. Board and Leadership Engagement
  2. Employee Optimization
  3. Patient Experience
  4. Operational Alignment and Excellence
  5. Community Partnerships
  6. Health Equity

We continue to attain major milestones in our ongoing commitment to providing culturally competent and patient centered care to our patients, while cultivating and maintaining an inclusive environment through these six pillars.

Health Equity

Health Equity is one of the many ways that Diversity & Inclusion is a driver for innovation and growth. Patients with the most complex health needs often incur the greatest costs of care, so it makes both moral and financial sense for RWJBarnabas Health to implement a comprehensive, strategic approach to address health disparities in our communities. As one of the largest employers and a major economic engine in communities across the state, we believe it is our responsibility to play a major role in improving health outcomes for disadvantaged populations across New Jersey.