Getting Started

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For Parents

Center-Based Services

  • Check with your insurance company for network benefits and to see if a physician's prescription is required for your child to receive occupational, physical, or speech-language therapy evaluations or services.
  • Complete Trinitas Regional Medical Center Children's Therapy Services Intake Form to be scanned to 973-218-6351, Attention: TPP.
    • Our Therapy Center Manager, Kevin Nelson, MS, OTR will be happy to assist you with any questions or with scheduling an appointment. Please contact our office by calling 973-218-6394, ext. 1300 for the Springfield Therapy Center.
  • After the initial contact, and if you have scheduled an appointment for your child, an information packet will be sent to your home to be completed prior to the appointment.

School-Based Services

  • Contact your school district's Office of Special Services (sometimes called the Office of Pupil Personnel Services) to request a meeting with the Child Study Team.
  • Discuss your concerns with the Child Study Team, which is typically made up of a school psychologist, learning disabilities teaching consultant, social worker, and sometimes a speech-language pathologist, to determine if a child study team evaluation is warranted.
  • If your child is evaluated by the Child Study Team and classified as eligible for a special education program and related services, than a referral may be made for an occupational, physical or speech-language therapy evaluation and/or services if educationally warranted.
  • In some cases children are able to receive services and/or reasonable accommodations in school under Section 504 of the Americans With Disabilities Act. This is for non-classified students who have a physical or mental impairment, which substantially limits one or more major life activities.



  • For information regarding full-time, part-time or per diem employment opportunities with Trinitas Children's Therapy Services please contact our Director, Carole Soricelli, MS, OTR at 973-218-6394, ext. 1600, or

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