Professional Training

Professional Training

The Institute for Prevention and Recovery is a Registered NJ Department of Education Professional Development Provider.

  • ADHD in Your Classroom? Best Strategies to Know and Use

Presenter: Mary Fowler

Teaching students with ADHD can be hard, frustrating, and disheartening. “Once and done” solutions for ADHD problems in the classroom simply don’t exist. The good news is this: There are many great strategies and tools to help you reach and teach your students with ADHD. These strategies also help students help themselves to manage their daily difficulties.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify student specific problems
  • Select strategies for specific target areas
  • Teach students to use When-Then goals
  • Apply ADHD background knowledge
  • General strategies for self-regulation and reducing reactive behavior.
  • Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act

conflict resolution and anger managementPresenter: Bob Goldschlag, JD, CCM

This workshop will provide the most current information and updates for the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, as well as information to help ensure your school is in compliance. Cases and legislative responses from the past several years will be reviewed.

  • Current Drug Trends

Presenter: Michael Litterer, CHES, CPS

This presentation will discuss the latest trends related to drugs and alcohol facing our youth and young adults today. This workshop will provide comprehensive information related to how the rise in substance use disorder is impacting our schools and communities as well as popular substances, slang, and methods of use among youth. Attendees will also learn about the damaging effects these drugs have, methods for identification, and how our culture is driving their popularity. Prevention will be a primary focus along with strongly incorporating local data and resources into each presentation.

  • Fostering Resilience and Academic Grit

Presenter: Mary Fowler

Research tells us unequivocally that we cannot ignore the effects of childhood adv.erformance without taking right action. Resilience and academic grit grow in emotionally safe classroom environments. In this workshop, you will learn how to implement the right practices that establish safety, stability, connection, and belonging in the learning environment. You will learn how to encourage and motivate learners to take academic risks and stick with tasks that challenge them. You will also learn how to manage the emotional emergencies that can erupt in every classroom.

  • I&RS: Intervention & Referral Services

Required under N.J.A.C Title 6

Presenter: Connie Greene, MA, CAS, CSW, CPS

The 3 day training will provide participants with the understanding of the 11 functions of I&RS as well as practice cases to develop and assess accommodations for either I&RS or 504. Through group cases problems will be identified and strategies for intervention in order to measure outcomes.

  • LGBTQQ Teens: A Rainbow of Strategies for Prevention and Resilience

Presenter: Carol Benevy, MSW, LSW

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth have higher rates of suicide, substance abuse and being bullied than their heterosexual peers. Often, these youth face increased stigma and other barriers when seeking help. This training will discuss the complex needs of LGBTQQ teens, with an emphasis on prevention as well as individual and organizational cultural competence. Includes strategies for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all youth.

  • Moving From the Darkness: Trauma and Recovery Strategies for Youth

Presenter: Carol Benevy, MSW, LSW

Participants in this workshop will learn strength-based strategies for youth to manage traumatic stress reactions including calming skills, problem solving, helpful thinking, and building healthy social connections. These skills will enhance protective factors which increase resilience and decrease the impact of emotional triggers for trauma survivors and youth in recovery for addictions. Special emphasis on understanding trauma and fostering help-seeking behavior.

  • Preventing Teen Suicide

Presenter: Carol Benevy, MSW, LSW

Participants in this workshop will receive the evidence-based More Than Sad teen suicide awareness and prevention curriculum, developed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). More Than Sad is a training for adults who work with youth in schools and/or community settings with emphasis on learning to recognize risk factors and warning signs for suicide and how to respond. Additional focus will be given to prevention strategies for schools and organizations, as well as resources for youth and families.

  • I&RS/504 Perfect Together

trainingRequired under N.J.A.C Title 6

Presenter: Connie Greene, MA, CAS, CSW, CPS

This half day workshop will review new amendments to the law, the differences and similarities between I&RS and 504 and how to determine eligibility for each.

There is much confusion about the similarities and the differences between I&RS and 504

  • Participants will gain an understanding of the criteria of each and how to determine where the student will best get their needs met
  • A step by step process will be presented to determine eligibility and teacher developed strategies that take place before a request for assistance (see 3 day)
  • Social Media Awareness, Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying

Presenter: Melissa Straub

In today’s technological age, school faculty faces a daunting task of teaching and mentoring children free of constant negative influence. Access to undesirable people and information is prevalent and extremely difficult to monitor. This is exacerbated by the fact that most kids are more proficient and comfortable with technology than adults. Consequently, staff need to educate themselves on the danger today’s children face from this constantly connected online world. During this presentation, faculty will learn of the following danger areas: Review of Kids Current Issues, Sites and Apps , Teens and Social Media/ Technology, Connectivity and Data Deletion, The New Definition of Bullying/Cyberbullying, Structure of Technology – What Makes It Dangerous, Cyber- Bullying-Online Aggression, and Psychological Fallout.

  • Strengthening Families Program: Two Day Group Leader Certification

Presenter: Larry C. Williams

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a nationally and internationally recognized model parenting program. SFP is an evidence-based family skills training program found to significantly reduce problem behaviors, delinquency, and alcohol and drug abuse in children, and to improve social competencies and school performance. Program materials are an extra fee. Not for individual counselors. Completion of the training certifies participant to deliver the 14 week program.

  • What Kids Need to Succeed

Presenter: Michael Litterer, CHES, CPS

All kids have the potential to succeed. The question many of us ask is “Why do some kids succeed with the odds stacked against them and why do others with all the opportunity in the world struggle?”. The Search Institute has done research over the last 40 years trying to answer this exact question. The result of this research has been The Search Institute’s Framework of Developmental Assets, which identifies a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults. Participants will learn what the Developmental Assets are and how the more Developmental Assets young people acquire, the better their chances of succeeding in school and becoming happy, healthy, and contributing members of their communities and society.

Saint Barnabas Medical Center
94 Old Short Hills Road
Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 322-5000
Monmouth Medical Center
300 Second Avenue
Long Branch, NJ 07740
(732) 222-5200
The Unterberg Children's Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center
300 Second Avenue
Long Branch, NJ 07740
(732) 923-7250
Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus
600 River Avenue
Lakewood, NJ 08701
(732) 363-1900
Clara Maass Medical Center
1 Clara Maass Drive
Belleville, NJ 07109
(973) 450-2000
Community Medical Center
99 Highway 37 West
Toms River, NJ 08755
(732) 557-8000
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
201 Lyons Avenue at Osborne Terrace
Newark, NJ 07112
(973) 926-7000
Children's Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
201 Lyons Avenue at Osborne Terrace
Newark, NJ 07112
(973) 926-7000
Jersey City Medical Center
355 Grand Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 915-2000
RWJ University Hospital Hamilton
1 Hamilton Health Place
Hamilton, NJ 08690
(609) 586-7900
RWJ University Hospital New Brunswick
1 Robert Wood Johnson Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 828-3000
RWJ University Hospital Somerset
110 Rehill Avenue
Somerville, NJ 08876
(908) 685-2200
Barnabas Health Behavioral Health Center
1691 U.S. Highway 9
CN 2025
Toms River, NJ 08754
(732) 914-1688

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