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Nuss Procedure

Most patients with pectus excavatum (‘caved in chest”) do not have symptoms. But for some with severe cases, chest pain or shortness of breath may occur. Others may want to have the pectus treated for aesthetic reasons. The minimally invasive Nuss procedure allows patients to have the condition corrected with bars placed under the sternum using small incisions. One to two bars are usually placed.

After the Nuss ProcedureNuss Procedure

Patients having the minimally invasive Nuss procedure typically stay in the hospital 5-7 days. There are one or sometimes two tubes draining fluid from their side. When the tubes are removed, the patient can expect to go home. They usually have a paravertebral/epidural or a PCA for pain which is transitioned to oral pain medications in four to five days.

Patients start with a clear liquid diet and are advanced to a regular diet if they tolerate clear liquids. Patients are encouraged to be out of bed and walk as much as possible.