Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center

Barnabas Health Foundation Awarded $20,000 Grant from Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

The Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center is the only facility in the region offering a full-service approach to MS under one roof. The MS Center provides diagnosis, comprehensive evaluation, treatment and follow-up under the direction of a board-certified neurologist/multiple sclerosis specialist and a nurse coordinator. Staff is committed to complementing the medical care provided by each patient’s primary care physician. Patients have easy access to other needed services in the same building, including infusion, physical and occupational therapies, psychological support, wellness approaches and pain management. The on-site Imaging Center features a 3.0T short bore MRI which produces the highest quality images in a clinical setting, and is especially useful in detecting minute abnormalities related to neurological diseases..

The MS Comprehensive Care Center is committed to the highest standards of excellence in clinical care, research, rehabilitation, education and patient advocacy. Recognizing that MS is a lifelong condition affecting the individual and entire family, we provide a multidisciplinary, holistic, therapeutic approach.

A unique program is available to promote the wellness of the patient who has multiple sclerosis with his or her family member, as they face the challenges of the disease. Together, patient and partner may benefit from our wellness gym and personal trainers.

Beyond Multiple Sclerosis

Each patient presents unique circumstances ranging from access to transportation, to varying schedules, to family and work obligations. The Center provides emotional and logistical support while assuring that the best possible medical treatment is provided.

Passport to Good Health and Disease Prevention

Assistance is available with scheduling convenient appointments for a variety of services, ranging from mammography to hearing tests. These appointments may often be planned for the same day as a follow-up visit to eliminate the need for multiple trips. On-site child care during appointments may be requested. Patients and their family members may benefit from the convenience of the on-site pharmacy and Café and free wireless Internet access available in the building.

The Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center offers many amenities for patient and family convenience including free valet parking, free child care (pre-arranged), an on-site retail pharmacy and concierge services. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 973-322-7484.