The Treatment Process

The CyberKnife® treatment is performed at Saint Barnabas Medical Center’s Radiation Oncology Department on an outpatient basis with no anesthesia. Depending on the treatment plan decided by our highly-trained staff, sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes with only one to five treatments total. Prior to treatment, a 4D CT Scan or MRI may be taken and markers may be placed for tumor location. Following the treatment, the patient may resume normal activities immediately, with minimal to no side effects.

Partnering Together

Our highly-trained, nationally recognized staff will work together as a team with the patient and health care provider to develop a superior treatment plan. At Saint Barnabas Medical Center, we provide the highest quality, patient-centered care in our newly renovated Radiation Oncology Department.

Compassionate Care, Health Care Excellence and Superior Service is our mission.

Patient Stories

  • "Cyberknife is very non-intrusive, it allows you to go on with your everyday life."

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Patient Stories

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