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Meet the Comfort Project 360 Team


Comfort Project 360 Founders

Hyla Weiss

Livingston resident, Hyla Weiss, a wife and mother is a breast cancer survivor. Hyla’s personal journey led her to co-found Comfort Project 360, an initiative to improve the experience of patients undergoing cancer care at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Despite her positivity, Hyla found her cancer treatments emotionally taxing. She recognized the medical care she received was excellent but the experience could have been improved with some simple changes. Understanding that the physical environment is an integral part of healing, Hyla began to focus her time on creating healing spaces and developing programs that harness the power of the mind-body connection at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Suzanne Unger

Livingston resident, Suzanne Unger’s mother and best friend, Renee Greenwald, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 48. Suzanne lost her mother to cancer six years later. Since that time, this wife and mother of two, has been involved in cancer related charities. She chaired the American Cancer Society’s Diamond Ball, all to help make a difference in the fight against cancer. Forever touched by cancer, Suzanne recognized the value of a nurturing and supportive environment in which to receive care. With the same vision, determination, and empathy, Hyla and Suzanne launched Comfort Project 360, to ease the mind and lift the spirits of cancer patients in their community.

Comfort Project 360 Leaders


We remember and celebrate Mindy Roth,
who served as Creative Director and will always be an inspiration.

Comfort Cart Project Leaders
Lori Gelman
Ellen Loventhal

Comfort Project 360 Teen Advisors
Jodi Bloom
Mindy Golin
Mindy Scherago

It's a Wrap Project Leader
Evie Singer

Comfort Project 360 Teen Leaders
Sklyar Bloom
Sammi Golin
Harley Scherago

A Reason To Rock


2016 Event Chairs

  • Jodi Bloom
  • Cathy Levison
  • Wendy Marcus
  • Jane Wilf

A Reason to Rock Photo Galleries

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