DAISY Award Honorees

2021 DAISY Honorees

  • March 2021: Sean Mullen, ASN, RN , ONC, CNRN, SCRN Ortho Pavilion
  • February 2021: Ma. Nelda Bernales, BSN, RN 2East Cardiac Pavilion

2020 DAISY Honorees

  • February 2020: Jocelyn Dimagmaliw, BSN, RN-BC 2 West
  • March 2020: Rima Liascauskaite, ASN, RN, Oncology
  • July 2020: Mary Jane Sibayan, BSN, RN, CPAN, Pre-Admission Testing
  • November 2020: Hong Zhang, BSN, RN, SCRN from 4 West Hogan Pavilion

2019 DAISY Honorees

  • October 2019: Ashley Cardoso, RN 2 West
  • November 2019: Robetson Fleurmond, BSN, RN Critical Care
  • December 2019: Kathleen Marsh, RN, SCRN 4 West

Patient Stories

  • "I'm extremely grateful for the nurses, doctors and occupational therapists ... They saved my life."

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  • “I just wish I would have done this surgery 15 years earlier, but I don’t look back. It’s a journey, not a race.”

    Kaitlyn S & Beth C
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  • “It was reassuring to talk with people who experienced the same problems"

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Patient Stories

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