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A Comprehensive Women's Center onsite offers the following tests:

Bone Densitometry (DEXA Scan): Bone density study is used to analyze bone mineral structure and body fat distribution. Low-energy x-rays are used to measure mineral content in the bones and body to diagnose and manage osteoporosis.

Digital Mammography: This form of imaging uses digital images rather than film, which allows the image to be viewed immediately in several different ways. It also provides the technologist with "a quick check" on positioning, reducing the possibility for blurring. With this technology, radiologists have improved the ability to locate abnormalities and have reduced the number of follow-up tests.

Breast & Pelvic Ultrasound: Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography, is a method of "seeing" inside the human body through the use of high-frequency sound waves. The sound waves are recorded and displayed as a visual image. No radiation is involved in ultrasound imaging. Ultrasounds can show movement of internal tissues and organs, and enable physicians to see blood flow and heart valve functions.

Breast MRI: A state-of-the-art MRI (2016) offers incredible accuracy, detect many breast abnormalities which traditional radiology cannot. In fact, MRI reduces the need for biopsies, exploratory surgery and other diagnostic procedures, which carry associated risks. MRI is a totally painless procedure with no known side effects.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: Stereotactic biopsy provides a means to obtain a sample of questionable tissue without open surgical biopsy. During a stereotactic biopsy, small samples of tissue are removed from the breast using a hollow needle precisely guided to the suspicious location via mammography and computer coordinates.