We vs C

You are cordially invited to join RWJUH Hamilton on Saturday, June 19, 2021 in celebrating the art of healing at We vs. C ™ : Tree of Life at Brick Farm Tavern.

This event will share and showcase the importance of healing through holistic therapies that impact the mind, body and spirit of our patients and their families so our fundraising efforts for this program are critical and offer an innovative approach to healing.

Given the current health environment we have planned an outdoor celebration, should the Governor’s Executive Order allow. All guests have the option of selecting an in-person or virtual experience. CLICK HERE for “Everything you want to know about We Vs. CTM Tree of Life Event”.

Register below. Please contact Jessica Alleman at jessica.alleman@rwjbh.org or 609.249.7527 with questions.

*Please be sure to fill out all contact information as the Foundation Office will be contacting you on or near June 7th in regards to your ticket status (In Person vs. Virtual). Thank you!

Click here to view the list of goods and services received in relation to this event.