Professional Development

At RWJ the Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) is a service based clinical nurse with expertise in adult education, a hallmark of CNE practice. Graduate preparation (earned masters and or doctorate) underpin the role and emphasis on clinical advancement through on-going education and demonstrated clinical expertise. The CNE utilizes evidenced- based research to support educational offerings and engages in research to advance the profession and improve clinical outcomes. In collaboration with other educators, nurses, physicians and health care professionals, the CNE facilitates learning, functions as a change agent, engages in scholarship and facilitates learning utilizing assessment and evaluation strategies. The CNE role requires an exceptionally strong clinical background and significant clinical expertise. The CNE specializes in the integration of the principles of adult learning in a clinically-based framework and is responsible and accountable for the ongoing development and application of the RWJ Nursing Divisions Philosophy and Mission and conceptual Model, Standards of Care and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice to provide patient/family centered care.