Hip Replacement

At Monmouth, our orthopedic surgeons offer innovative and reliable treatment options for patients who have serious hip pain. Our joint replacement specialists perform traditional and minimally invasive total hip replacement surgery, as well as hip resurfacing and arthroscopy for patients whose conditions require more conservative approaches.

Whether your hip pain is due to severe arthritis, injury or degenerative disease, Monmouth joint replacement experts will recommend the most appropriate solution for your goals, anatomy, medical history and activity level.

Total Hip Replacement

If you have severe, debilitating osteoarthritis, other arthritic conditions, or have been diagnosed with osteonecrosis, or a hip fracture, a total hip replacement may be an appropriate treatment for your condition.

Monmouth’s joint replacement specialists perform total hip replacement through two methods: traditional hip replacement surgery or minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.

A traditional total hip replacement requires an incision of approximately five to eight inches and allows the surgeon to see the diseased or damaged hip joint and replace it directly, by separating muscles and tendons.

Traditional hip replacement surgery is a highly successful and reliable method of hip replacement. A total hip replacement through traditional surgery commonly involves a short hospital stay of three or four days, as well as two or three months of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

For a consultation with a Monmouth orthopedic surgeon, or for more information on hip replacement, please call (732) 923-7666.

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