Our Chinese Medical Program Team

Shirley Hwang, RN, MS, AOCNS

Shirley Hwang, RN, MS, AOCNS

Vice President of Business Development & Clinical Integration at Monmouth Medical Center

Originally from Taiwan, Shirley attended the Taipei Medical College, School of Nursing, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She worked as a staff nurse for several years at Cathay General Hospital, in Taipei, Taiwan, before heading to the United States in 1984. She attended the University of Illinois, School of Nursing in Chicago and received her Masters degree in 1985. She worked in several California hospitals before coming east in 1991 to work as an Oncology Advanced Practice Nurse in the Hematology/ Oncology Department of the East Orange VA Medical Center in New Jersey.

In 2005, Shirley joined the team at Monmouth Medical Center leading the hospital’s Cancer and Neuroscience Services division. She has served on the faculty of UMDNJ, Drexel University and Seton Hall University, sharing her knowledge and expertise in nursing with students and future health care professionals.

It was that expertise, combined with her firsthand knowledge of the health care system, local doctors and services that eventually led to the development of the Chinese Medical Program. Often approached by friends and family, members of her church congregation and the local Chinese community for recommendations and assistance regarding medical care, the need for a coordinated approach that increased access to a broad array of services became apparent to Shirley. She approached Monmouth Medical Center’s President, Dr. Vozos about her idea to help the Chinese community access health care services – and the Chinese Medical Program was created. Now serving nearly 1500 patients each year, the program brings much-needed health and wellness programs to more and more people throughout the state as word spreads of its many patient success stories.

Angela Lee, Director

Angela Lee, Director, Chinese Medical Program

Angela Lee is the Director of Monmouth Medical Center’s Chinese Medical Program. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and Toishanese. She attended Hunter College in New York where she received degrees in Education and Sociology. Angela brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the Chinese Medical Program. She has a longstanding commitment to the Chinese Community in the tri-state area.

Before joining the Chinese Medical Program, she served as the Associate Director of the New York Asian Women’s Center for more than 15 years, helping to empower women overcome domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

On a personal level, Angela knows how families struggle to ensure medical care for themselves and their parents. While working in New York City, she had to take off from work in order to take her father for medical care in New Jersey. After she began to working at the Chinese Medical Program, she began to notice that senior adults would often fail to follow up or would delay their medical care because they didn’t want to bother their adult children. In some cases, this delay would result in their medical condition becoming significantly worse. Through her efforts at the Chinese Medical Program, Angela is now able to help patients of all ages access the medical care they need, when they need it.

Angela recalls an 80-year-old patient, Aunti Guo. The patient had been unable to hear anything in her left ear for more than 20 years. Angela arranged for her to see an ENT doctor who prescribed a hearing aid. On the day she got her hearing aid, Aunti Guo told Angela that, "Miss Lee, I am finally able to hear your voice." For Angela, making sure that patients receive the care and services they need to lead healthier, happier lives is what the Chinese Medical Program is all about.

Josephine Kam, CoordinatorJosephine Kam, Coordinator

Josephine Kam, is the Coordinator of the Chinese Medical Program. One of the friendly voices you might hear when you call the program, Josephine is highly organized with the ability to handle the many diverse needs of all our program participants with ease.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Applied Mathematics & Statistics from New York’s University of Stony Brook, Josephine has both the education and experience to help our patients get the care they need. She is skilled at handling many tasks at once and always does so with a smile and warm heart.

Being raised in the United States, Josephine understands the difference between the Chinese and American cultures which is helpful for providing cares to our Chinese patients.

In addition to her work experience, Josephine has a long history of volunteer and community service. She served as a church interpreter using her Mandarin and Cantonese speaking skills. She has worked with children at her local church, as a Worship Leader and Youth Ministry Counselor, and she has served in numerous volunteer capacities at local schools. Josephine is highly dedicated to meeting the needs of every client she speaks with on behalf of the Chinese Medical Program. A true team player, Josephine enjoys helping others and is a great asset to the Chinese Medical Program.

Stephanie Zou, Coordinator

Stephanie Zou, Coordinator

Stephanie Zou is a Coordinator with the Chinese Medical Program. Born in Harbin, China, she speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English. Stephanie received her bachelor’s degree in journalism in China and her master’s degree in Mass Communication and Information Science in the U.S., from Rutgers University. She has nearly 10 years of experience in the communication industry working for several media organizations in the tri-state area.

As a journalist, Stephanie has interviewed countless people from various walks of life. That knowledge, coupled with her personal background, gives her a unique in-depth understanding of the social, health and wellness needs of Chinese-Americans. She has seen firsthand the barriers that Chinese-Americans often face when seeking quality medical care, and she’s here to help program participants access the medical care and information they need and make the most of the medical benefits and resources available to them in the community.

The elite medical team and the top-notch medical technology, along with the quality services by the Chinese Medical Program, have made Monmouth Medical Center a trustworthy and popular place for Chinese Americans seeking medical services in New Jersey and beyond. Now a member of the Chinese Medical Program, Stephanie feels privileged to be part of a team that strives to bridge the needs of Chinese community and the abundance of medical resources that Monmouth Medical Center has to offer.