Nursing Research

This council’s goal is to contribute to the body of nursing knowledge through research endeavors and to foster staff member knowledge and skills in nursing research and evidence based practice. Additionally, this council works to support the integration of research into practice, foster staff members’ knowledge and skills in research and promote evidence based practice in nursing. Council members work on setting up research Fairs, conducting research related in-services and organize symposiums & journal clubs.



  1. Complete a literature review and survey clinical nurses to identify common barriers to completing medication reconciliation and the associated best practices. A synthesis of the Findings will be presented to nursing councils and nursing leadership.
  2. Develop a structured process to support shared governance council and unit practice councils when clinical inquiries arise by providing evidence based recommendations for change in practice.
  3. Participate in joint article review, critique, and discussion during council meetings to increase council members’ knowledge and skill in evidence based practice and research methodologies.
  4. Plan two main events per year to foster staff member knowledge and skills in evidence based practice through formal and informal interactive educational offerings.