Nurse Excellence Awards

Jersey City Medical Center is committed to recognizing the exceptional practice and commitment of its nursing staff in addressing the strategic priorities of the organization. Nursing staff are supported in their professional development and opportunities for recognition by peers is provided. Each year our nursing staff nominates their peers whose performance exemplify the characteristics of Transformational Leadership, Exemplary Professional Practice, Structural Empowerment, New Knowledge Innovations and Improvement, and Empirical Outcomes. Our patient care technicians also nominate peers who exemplify the highest standards of patient care for the Excellence and Care award. Additional colleagues are also honored with our Interprofessional Collaboration award.

2023 Nurse Excellence Award Recipients

Empirical Outcomes

Freedom Villafuerte, BSN, RN

Exemplary Professional Practice

Eric Dworsky, BSN, RN

Interprofessional Collaboration

Dr. Richard Savel, Internal Medicine, Chair of the Department of Medicine

New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements

Kristy Fernandez, BSN, RN

Structural Empowerment

Amanda Tobias, BSN, RN

Partners in Excellence and Care

Simeon Sharpe

Transformational Leadership

Michele Zaorski, MSN, RN