Technology enhancements and implementations for 2016 were:

Quantifi Expansion

Quantifi, utilized by the Pharmacy Enterprise is a web-based documentation tool for pharmacist’s and pharmacy technician’s activities, medication errors and adverse drug reactions. The program standardizes data collection and allows the health care system to analyze trends and make important decisions regarding pharmacist and pharmacy technician’s impact on clinical and economic outcomes. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are encouraged to document their activities within the tool after completing their activities. This program was most recently implemented at Jersey City Medical Center and RWJ New Brunswick Campus.

Sentri7 Expansion and Upgrade

Sentri7 is a real-time clinical surveillance and decision support web-based platform that pulls information in real-time from disparate hospital information systems and alerts pharmacists about possible intervention opportunities. Sentri7 aggregates data from our Electronic Medical Record, lab and other clinical systems on a continuous basis, so potential issues are flagged quickly and pharmacists can focus on improving care rather than analyzing data feeds. It is also customized to mirror system-wide and individual workflows, and provides a platform to aggregate data analysis.

Sentry 340B Optimization

Sentry DS 340B Software: To manage the program, our 340B eligible facilities track data feeds such as inpatient or outpatient status, patient and prescriber eligibility, clinic location, Medicaid status, drug identifier, quantity dispensed and sends these data to the Sentry DS 340B software program. This software uses logic based on configurations chosen by RWJBarnabas Health to virtually separate 340B from non-340B transactions after they occur. The software determines from which account each transaction should be reordered. In 2016, the health system completed an extensive optimization program allowing for seamless auditing functions to maintain the highest compliance standards as mandated from Health Resources and Services Administration.

Simplifi 797

Simplifi 797: USP 797 is an enforceable federal guideline which provides comprehensive quality standards for the procedures used in sterile compounding areas. Increased attention to USP 797 compliance in the wake of several major, well publicized investigations of compounding facilities has elevated the stakes for pharmacists and pharmacies that compound sterile medications. RWJBarnabas Health utilizes Simplifi 797, a comprehensive web-based quality management system which helps meet the requirements of USP 797. It facilitates the ongoing compliance of training, procedures and documentation essential to patient safety and risk mitigation. In 2016, the decision was made to expand this program to all facilities within Robert Wood Johnson Affiliates.

Pharmacy Medication Replacement Program

Pharmatek is a vendor who provides a technology-driven drug recovery program. This was implemented across several affiliate hospitals in June 2016 for our uninsured patient population. New workflow processes were also rolled out including collaboration between Corporate Pharmacy and the system business office, IT&S Revenue Cycle and the affiliate sites to ensure eligible accounts are identified appropriately to maximize drug recoveries.

Pharmacy Charge Reconciliation Program

PharmaLink is an integrated technology platform that identifies potential medication billing discrepancies. This was fully implemented across several affiliate hospitals in July 2016. A new process was developed to flag any existing accounts that have already been internally identified to avoid any duplication of efforts.

LifeCare Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Pumps

LifeCare Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Pumps were purchased and fully implemented by May 2016 which included MedNet “smart pump” software and the ability to set-up standard concentrations, dosing units and dose/rate limits. The pharmacy team developed a drug library integrating hard and soft limits to improve drug library compliance and prevent programming errors. The team also created customized vial label templates for the acute care service line hospitals to optimize barcode scanning accuracy.

Executive Pharmacy Council Share Drive

Executive Pharmacy Council Share Drive was established on the network drive in 2016. This share houses pharmacy enterprise documents to offer a secure and central location for storing information and files. It also allows multiple members to access and maintain data on a spreadsheet or database.

Pyxis MedStation ES

Pyxis MedStation ES is an automated dispensing cabinet system that was rolled out throughout 2016 across several Acute Care Service Line facilities with over 228 MedStations converted from legacy Pyxis 4000. Pyxis MedStation ES has a user-friendly touchscreen that improves overall nursing workflow by reducing time to first dose. These devices facilitate accurate cart-fill dispensing and improve inventory management.

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Conversion

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Conversion Acute Care Service Line facility RWJ Somerset converted from Cerner Millenium to Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager in October 2016. The pharmacy team at Somerset and New Brunswick assisted with the formulary build and order set creation, 24/7 support during the first week post go-live and implemented an NDC crosswalk to automate the Medicaid and Managed Medicaid NDC billing requirements. Corporate Pharmacy worked with Decision Support to develop and review a daily charge monitoring report used to provide pre and post go-live charge analysis across all departments. This report quickly helped identify areas of focus where charges may be missing or charging inaccurately. The Corporate Pharmacy team also provided on-site and remote support post go-live and worked collaboratively with the Somerset pharmacy department, Revenue Integrity and Patient Accounts to ensure that any medication billing issues were resolved in a timely manner.