Pyxis ES 1.6 Upgrade

In 2021, nine Acute Care Service Line Facilities upgraded Pyxis ES from to 1.6 including Med and Anesthesia stations. The 1.6 upgrade included each facility validating over 150 scenarios to ensure medication orders are accurate on the stations and functioning as expected. In addition, we migrated the facilities to new servers which involved interdisciplinary collaboration with Corporate IT Security, Corporate IT Server/Network and the PMO teams.

Resource Global Health Rebate Program

In early 2021, RWJBarnabas Health engaged Resource Global Health (RGHRx) to provide rebate claims submission and collection services on eligible drugs as determined by the program’s formulary. Non-PBM adjudicated claims data were generated from our Acute Care Service Line facilities and Qualitas Specialty Pharmacy.

EMS Sapphire IV Pump Implementation

In 2021, nine Acute Care Service Line Facilities implemented 125 new Sapphire continuous infusion smart pumps for Mobile Health Services. A comprehensive system-wide drug library of almost 950 entries was built leveraging our existing EMS and Critical Care area libraries from our large infusion smart pumps. The smart infusion pump library alerts clinicians when a medication infusion limit is exceeded and detects programming errors before an infusion is delivered to a patient.

Epic Willow Go-Live

In October 2021, Acute Care Service Line facility RWJ University Hospital at Somerset transitioned from their heritage EHR system AllScripts/Sunrise Clinical Manager to Epic Willow. The new clinical information system was implemented to existing departments already on Allscripts along with areas previously documenting on paper or a standalone EHR. A multidisciplinary team assisted with the build and validation efforts leading to a successful go-live for Somerset.

CDM Pharmacy Pricing Update

The PRD team reviewed the entire pharmacy CDM of over 54,000 charge items to reflect current pricing and system pharmacy pricing strategies. PRD worked with Revenue Integrity to update any pharmacy CDMs across our Acute Care Service Line facilities.