Pharmacy Informatics Division

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Pharmacy Informatics Division is to evaluate, integrate, standardize and build medication requests affecting our clinical information systems and technologies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the division is to ensure that any medications built within the clinical systems are accurate, standardized and compliant with quality standards, regulatory and accreditation bodies.

Who We Are

The team is headed by the Chief Health Information Officer, co-led by the Vice President of Clinical and Ancillary Applications, the Deputy Chief Information Officer and the Corporate Director of Pharmacy Systems Integration (Corporate Pharmacy) and supported by the Director of Pharmacy Informatics, Director of Clinical Applications and ECIS Pharmacy Systems Analysts.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Our team accomplishes our objectives by leveraging and optimizing functionality of the enterprise clinical Information systems including but not limited to creating and modifying medication orderables, order sentences, order sets, alerts, formulary maintenance and systems validation. We work in partnership with departments across the acute care service lines and integrated service lines to ensure standardization, optimization and quality assurance.


The Pharmacy Informatics Division operates under a hybrid structure within the Corporate Pharmacy and Enterprise Clinical Information Systems (ECIS) departments. The division’s duties and responsibilities are established by affiliate needs as well as system-wide strategies.

  • Recommends enhancements to improve clinical patient safety and operational efficiencies
  • Ensures consistent build across various ECIS platforms on new pharmacy informatics initiatives
  • Maintains and updates formulary in clinical and pharmacy information systems
  • Continuously upkeeps formulary build in the automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs)
  • Creates medication-related data analytics tools to identify areas of opportunity
  • Ensures data exchanges and downstream feeds are functioning appropriately
  • Communicates and educates affiliate pharmacy departments on new initiatives or changes to ECIS systems

Pharmacy Informatics Division Leadership

Stephen O’Mahony, MD, FACP
SVP & Chief Health Information Officer
Barbara Boelter, RN, MHA
Vice President of Clinical and Ancillary Applications
Angelo Schittone
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Ellen Secaras, MBA, RPh
Corporate Director of Pharmacy Systems Integration
Richard Hilway, RPh
Director of Pharmacy Informatics, ECIS
Michele Quigley
Director of Clinical Applications – Epic
Alfredo Balleras, RPh
Lead Application Analyst, Epic Willow, ECIS
Larry Burnstein, BA
ECIS Pharmacy Analyst
Melissa Crossen, PharmD
ECIS Pharmacy Systems Administrator, Application Analyst Willow
Steven DePaolo, RPh
ECIS Pharmacist
Samuel Gerena, PharmD, MPH
ECIS Clinical Pharmacist, Application Analyst-Willow
Steven Kravetz, PharmD
ECIS Pharmacist, Application Analyst-Willow
Ted Lee, RPh
ECIS Pharmacist, Application Analyst-Willow
Barry MacNeil, RPh
ECIS Pharmacist
Pallavi Nagarkar, RPh
ECIS Pharmacy Analyst,
Application Analyst-Beacon
Fred Penn, RPh
ECIS Pharmacist
Daniel Pung, PharmD
Pharmacist, ECIS