Letter from the Chief Pharmacy Officer

Indu LewIndu Lew, PharmD
Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer

I am honored to present the 2020 Annual Report for the RWJBarnabas Health Pharmacy Enterprise. This annual report highlights the outstanding work our team achieves on a daily basis and the successful initiatives that transform the quality of care for our patients. These exceptional accomplishments are attributed to the philosophy of our group, “Actively Seeking Excellence.” This year the Pharmacy Enterprise was able to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to maintain “normal business activities.” It is a testament to the team’s dedication, ingenuity, and willingness to collaborate.

Overview: The Pharmacy Enterprise is an integrated system of divisions with accountability for clinical, quality, safety, social and financial outcomes related to medication use across the continuum of care in our health system. The Pharmacy Enterprise has 25 divisions across two distinct service lines, Acute Care Services and Integrated Services.

Our Acute Care Service Line is comprised of 13 hospital divisions and our Integrated Service Line is comprised of 12 divisions: 340B Drug Pricing, Ambulatory Care, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Corporate Pharmacy, Informatics, Pharmacy Reimbursement Division, Retail Pharmacy Network, and Qualitas, our wholly owned pharmacy services company. Qualitas provides five unique services; Home Infusion, Hospital Services [Centralized Warehouse and Consolidated Pharmacy Services], Employee Mail Order Prescriptions and Specialty Pharmacy.

In 2020 we faced unprecedented challenges – possibly the greatest we will ever experience in our professional careers. I am inspired by the unwavering dedication, courage and strength of spirit that the Pharmacy Enterprise has demonstrated. It was a year of learning, growth, and support with all members of the health care team. This past year exemplified how we ensured that we not only took care of our patients, but we took care of each other. We were faced with challenges and hardships that were so very, very difficult. But during the times that seemed insurmountable, we came together showing incredible strength, resolve, resiliency, compassion and team work.

The healthcare profession attracts people that want to make a difference in the lives of others; quite often facing obstacles, but always rising to overcome the difficulties. This happens every day, but it was exquisitely apparent during 2020.

As we continued to round out 2020, the Pharmacy Enterprise remained focused on its annual priorities through one guiding word, “Foundation.” In 2019, “Foundation” was chosen to center on the essential principles of harmonized workflows in anticipation to the migration of the health system’s universal electronic health record. Looking back over the last twelve months, “Foundation” truly exemplified our resiliency and our strength to persevere.

Looking forward to 2021, I am filled with hope and see a light not at the end, but within the tunnel. For 2021, Pharmacy leadership has chosen the word “Resiliency.” Resiliency is the ability to withstand adversity, bounce back, progress and grow, despite the hardships faced. No other word best embodies the spirit of the Pharmacy Enterprise.

On behalf of my teammates of the Pharmacy Enterprise, it is my honor and privilege to submit the 2020 Annual Report.