Executive Pharmacy Council

The Executive Pharmacy Council Charter is responsible for defining, prioritizing, overseeing and monitoring the performance of the pharmacy enterprise. The focus of the committee is operations, clinical activities and integrated services within the enterprise. The committee is guided by analyzing and aggregating enterprise and service line performance data, monitoring performance improvement efforts for effectiveness, and making recommendations for enterprise or individual service line changes. The Executive Pharmacy Council is the approval entity for recommendations from the Pharmacy Directors and Clinical Pharmacy Councils.


Robert T Adamson

Robert T. Adamson, PharmD, FASHP

Chief Pharmacy Officer at RWJBarnabas Health
Chair of Executive Pharmacy Council


Indu Lew

Indu Lew, PharmD

Corporate Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy Services at RWJBarnabas Health

Robert Pellechio

Robert Pellechio, RPh, MPA

Corporate Vice President of Integrated Pharmacy Services at RWJBarnabas Health

Ellen Secaras

Ellen Secaras, MBA, RPh

Corporate Director of Pharmacy Systems Integration at RWJBarnabas Health

Suzanne Sesta

Suzanne Sesta, RPh

Vice President of Qualitas Pharmacy Services


The Executive Pharmacy Council shall meet monthly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Chair, but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Enterprise-wide clinical and operational performance improvement, tracking progress, identifying barriers, and discussing possible solutions
  • Reviews and recommends a multi-year strategic plan with long-term and annual improvement targets
  • Approves and monitors a dashboard of key performance indicators
  • Provides oversight, monitoring and assessment of key organizational processes, outcomes, and external comparative benchmarks
  • Individual members accept accountability for removing barriers, assigning resources and ensuring implementation and compliance of goals and policy of the Pharmacy Enterprise
  • Serves as forum for identification of best practices and oversees the management of strategic workforce
  • Recognizes and recommends advocacy forums for teammates accomplishments
  • Oversees, evaluates and revises the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Plan
  • Provides annual update to the RWJBarnabas Health Quality Executive Council on service line performance on selected benchmarks, performance improvement projects and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Creation of Pharmacy Enterprise Annual Report for internal and external distribution


Pharmacy Directors Council and the Clinical Pharmacy Council