Clinical Pharmacy Council

The Clinical Pharmacy Council is responsible for developing, operationalizing and monitoring the clinical pharmacy initiatives within the Pharmacy Enterprise. The focus of the committee is to garner consensus amongst the clinical coordinators and managers within the acute care and integrated services divisions. The council is guided by evidence based medicine and results of the performance improvement activities. The Clinical Pharmacy Council is also directed by recommendations from the Pharmacy Directors Council and the Executive Pharmacy Council.


The Clinical Pharmacy Council shall meet monthly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Chair, but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Implementation strategies for system wide clinical pharmacy performance improvement initiatives including operational oversight, education, monitoring, identifying barriers, and discussing possible solutions
  • Incorporates the continuous quality improvement philosophy and methodologies to facilitate changes that support the Quality Portfolio
  • Communicates clinical goals, tactics, activities and results
  • Recognizes and celebrates successful performance improvement efforts
  • Monitors medication errors and ADR’s to implement standardized prevention methods
  • Individual members accept accountability for removing barriers, assigning resources and ensuring implementation and compliance of goals and policy of the Pharmacy Enterprise
  • Provides leadership, professional development, advocacy and resources that enable pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice.
  • Serves as a forum for identification and consensus of best practices
  • Recommends and implements institutional policies and procedures related to quality, patient safety and performance improvement initiatives
  • Advances clinical pharmacy through support and promotion of research, training and education


Infectious Disease Collaborative
The Pharmacy Informatics Collaborative



Indu Lew, PharmD
Corporate Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy Services at RWJBarnabas Health
Chair of the Clinical Pharmacy Council


Robert T. Adamson
Robert T. Adamson, PharmD, FASHP
Chief Pharmacy Officer at RWJBarnabas Health
Jaimini (Tina) Amin
Jaimini (Tina) Amin, PharmD
Assistant Director, Clinical Services
Residency Program Director, PGY-1 Residency Program at RWJ University Hospital New Brunswick
Alison Brophy
Alison Brophy PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP
Assistant Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services & PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program Director at Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Todd Butala
Todd Butala, PharmD
Assistant Director of Pharmacy at Monmouth Medical Southern Campus
Suzanne Caravella
Suzanne Caravella, PharmD, RPh
Senior Staff Pharmacist RWJ University Hospital at Hamilton
Melissa Crossen
Melissa Crossen, PharmD, BCPS
Pharmacy Systems Administrator at RWJBarnabas Health
Nancy Doherty
Nancy Doherty, MS, RPh
Clinical Coordinator at RWJ University Hospital Somerset
Alyssa Gallipani
Alyssa Gallipani, PharmD
Ambulatory Care Specialist & Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice; Fairleigh Dickinson University
Richard Hilway
Richard Hilway, RPh
Director, Pharmacy Informatics Enterprise Clinical Information Systems at RWJBarnabas Health
Karen Kisty
Karen Kisty, PharmD, BCPS
Manager of Pharmacy Services at Children’s Specialized Hospital
Leena Kansagra
Leena Kansagra, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacist at RWJBarnabas Health
Steven Kravetz
Steven Kravetz, PharmD
Pharmacist, Enterprise Clinical Information Systems at RWJBarnabas Health
Henry Leach
Henry Leach, PharmD
Clinical Coordinator at Behavioral Health
Hoytin Lee Ghin,
Hoytin Lee Ghin, PharmD, BCPS
Assistant Director & PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program Director at Monmouth Medical Center
Anita McNeill
Anita McNeill, RPh
Director of Pharmacy, Qualitas Infusion and Hospital Services
Sandy Moreau
Sandy Moreau, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Coordinator at Jersey City Medical Center
Jessica Nodzon
Jessica Nodzon, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP
Assistant Director of Clinical Pharmacy & PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program Director at Community Medical Center
Mitesh M. Patel
Mitesh M. Patel, PharmD, BCCCP
Clinical Coordinator & PGY-1 Residency Program Director at Clara Maass Medical Center
Sheetal Patel
Sheetal Patel, PharmD, BCPS
Director of Pharmacy at RWJ University Hospital at Rahway
Robert Pellechio
Robert Pellechio, RPh, MPA
Corporate Vice President of Integrated Pharmacy Services at RWJBarnabas Health
Ellen Secaras
Ellen Secaras, MBA, RPh
Corporate Director of Pharmacy Systems Integration at RWJBarnabas Health
Rob Simbulan
Rob Simbulan, RPh
Director of Pharmacy at Qualitas Specialty and Mail Order Pharmacy
Jennifer Sternbach,
Jennifer Sternbach, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP
Corporate Clinical Coordinator, Corporate Pharmacy at RWJBarnabas Health
Lucio Volino
Lucio Volino, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist, RWJBarnabas Health Retail Network & Clinical Associate Professor Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey