Sweet Ideas for Simple Thank Yous

What better way to communicate and reinforce patient and office interaction principles than with candy?

The items listed below can help stimulate ideas for your patient satisfaction excellence program. You might distribute a candy bar with a short inspirational saying or thank you note as a simple means of rewarding and recognizing staff. Some managers will place candy in a communal dish with an appreciative "themed" thank you note. Still others will bring candy to a staff meeting and use it as a starting point, just for fun.

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  • Whoppers®

Use to celebrate a "Whopper of a Idea" or "A Whopper of an Effort".

  • Zero® Bar

Can be used to make the point of the need for everyone to work together for the team. How does it feel to work with someone when that person is putting forth zero effort'? How can we help change that?

  • Twix®

"Twix" you and me - I think you're the greatest. Also; "twix" vacations and a full census, we've had a rough week (or "twix" any demanding activities). Thanks for making the extra effort.

  • Symphony® Bar

Everyone in a symphony plays a different part but it is everyone playing his/her best, together. That makes beautiful music. Also: Musicians have to listen to a conductor to bring out the best. Also: No instrument is more important than another. Also: What is "music to our ears" - as employees, patients, managers and as colleagues?

  • Three Musketeer®

It's all for one and one for all. Teamwork is a key to service success.

  • Starburst®

This illustrates the kind of Wow! that patients want.
What can we do to make this happen?

  • Snickers® (Chuckles®, Laffy Taffy®)

Because while the work we do is serious - a little bit of humor (a snicker) goes a long way to make our days easier.

  • SweetTarts®

The "Sweet-Tart" theory is proof that you can be two things at once. We need to be good at the technical part of our jobs and the interpersonal side, too.

  • Smarties®

Given for learning something new - or mastering a new skill. Or, everyone gets one because everyone in the group is already "smart". This is about adding to what you already know.

  • Skor®

Discuss how to "skor" big with patients and families - and remind staff that it is sometimes the little things that make a big difference.

  • Hershey Treasures®

This is how we need to treat our patients – to remember that they are treasures to their families. Also: This can be used to discuss why it is important to integrate new employees into the organization well - because they are such treasures.

  • Now and Later®

Make sure that the information you share with patients (particularly about discharge) is understandable both now and later.

  • Nestle Crunch®

A reminder that providing good service is easy to do on a slow day - but it's much harder to concentrate on service and teamwork during "crunch" time.

  • Mounds®

We sometimes have "mounds" of work to do but we still need to recognize the extra effort that staff makes to help each other.

  • Mini-Ritz® Crackers

Can be used to make the point that our patients/families want to feel like they are gelling the "Ritz" treatment. Or, can be used to illustrate how Ritz-Carlton Hotels use service standards.

  • Marathon®

Sometimes it feels like we are running a marathon. What would make it easier? Do you celebrate the accomplishments (the mileposts) along the way?

  • Jolly Joes® (Jolly Ranchers®)

Remind everyone of how wonderful it is to have colleagues that remain upbeat, despite the stresses of the day. That's the type of caregiver that patients want.

  • Hot Tamales® (Red Hot Dollars®)

Use in conjunction with "service recovery" discussions. Learn how to handle the folks who've become "red hot" - so that they don't cost you dollars.

  • Kudos® (Granola Bars)

Everyone needs to feel appreciated ... thank yous go a long way to let us know we aren’t taken for granted.

  • LifeSavers®

Make the point that we have important jobs, no matter what your individual position is - our work matters.

  • Ice Breaker Gum®

Learn the importance of making new employees/patients feel welcome. Go out of your way to break the ice and welcome them.

  • Hershey Nuggets®

Given when you have shared an important "nugget" of knowledge.

  • Hershey Hugs® and Kisses®

Illustrate the point that we don't just want to be "cared for". We want to be "cared about".

  • Eclipse® Gum

You want to have service so good that you "eclipse" your rivals.

  • Good and Plenty®

What patients and families deserve to think about our staff - that we're good and there are plenty of us.

  • Carefree® Gum

What patients want is a "carefree" stay. But, they also want a lot of care from us. Also: the gum is carefree, but our work is serious as we come in contact with scared and vulnerable people everyday.

  • Charms Blow Pops® (Lollipops)

Charm, friendliness and good attitude - keys to providing great service. Patients want us to have charm and be filled with good stuff on the inside.

  • Bit '0 Honey®

We don't have to like all of our patients or coworkers...but give them a little bit of honey - it catches more flies than vinegar.

  • TastyCake® (Drake's Cake®)

Even though we may think it is unreasonable, patients want to have their cake and eat it too. How do we get better at managing expectations?

  • Butterfinger®

Talk about how service is dependent on good handoffs between departments - how can you avoid "butterfingers'''?

  • Almond Joy® (Nutter Butter®)

Sometimes the best ideas are the "nuttiest ones." Also: we appreciate your "nutty" sense of humor.

  • Bar None®

"Bar None," you are a great staff or great team member. What the organization wants patients/families to say about staff, "they are the best, Bar None."

  • EXTRA® Gum

A reminder that GREAT service comes from making a little bit of extra effort every day - particularly to be better than our competitors and on days that we just don't feel like it - because that's what patients deserve.

  • 100 Grand Bar® (Payday®)

Start conversations about how great service can benefit the bottom line and how it is related to our paychecks. Also: It can be used as a reminder that a kind word can make you feel like a million bucks.

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