Stress Busters

  • Toys

In the break room or lounge area, place various inexpensive toys, i.e., yo yo’s, slinkies, etc.. Change toys periodically. This can provide a “fun” break for all. Also a great idea for meetings—when you want to stimulate creativity in the group.

  • Remove obstacles

Go to every employee and find out what obstacles are getting in the way of getting their work done. Be honest and let them know what you cannot fix, and what you are trying to fix.

  • Stretches release stress

A video with cute songs and silly stretches can be used to release stress. You can lead the members of your team in two-minute aerobic exercises in a common area. This is a great way to relieve the tension.

  • Pleasant reading

Make a list of all the people and things that bring you joy and pleasure. Read it when you are upset or need a break. Encourage those you work with to do the same.

  • Give a toot

Instead of applause, Apple computer executives used kazoos at one quarterly meeting.

  • Help out when you can

A manager can spontaneously take over phone duties for the busy receptionist. It can serve dual purposes ---staying in touch with life on the front lines and hearing customer concerns first-hand.

  • Join in the fun

A large sofa factory outlet store in San Diego keeps a very large, stuffed polar bear seated on one of the display room sofas. Employees get a kick out of moving the bear into different positions, and customers have been caught conversing with the bear. Just about everyone who passes likes to pat the bear’s soft fur.