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Best Practice Newsletter - Spring 2013

Ask the Practice Management Experts
“Ask the Experts” is a question-and-answer forum featuring leading practice management experts.

You’ve been an office manager for some time. How did you first become aware of Barnabas Health Office Managers’ Association (OMA)?

I first become involved with some of the other office managers years ago through Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center. There were about 10 to 20 of us who would meet in various doctor’s offices. Since then it’s grown tremendously to nearly 2,000 members.

As an active member of OMA, what has your experience been?

I’ve had a wonderful experience with OMA and our office has benefited tremendously from our participation. The meetings are very useful and it’s a lot of networking and sharing stories and experiences – we hear who had good experiences with vendors, as well as bad experiences. It’s an asset all the way around because you’re getting all the info from people who have gone through the experience.

In your experience, what do you think are the benefits of attending the meetings offered by OMA?

The meetings presented by Barnabas Health are wonderful. They always provide helpful information. Most recently, I attended the E&M workshops, and while working in an ophthalmologist office it wasn’t all relevant, it was still worthwhile to attend. Even through chit-chatting with other office managers, we learn and share information – that’s how we learned about the Red Door program, which allows patients to hire caregivers for an allotted time after surgery. In this type of business, it’s all about word-of-mouth and sharing experiences.

As a result of your participation, your office participated in a pilot program for a new electronic scheduling initiative.
How would you describe that experience?

I was first contacted by a representative from the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) who asked if we’d be willing to volunteer as part of the trial program. We decided to go for it and couldn’t be any happier. Previously, when scheduling surgeries and outpatient procedures at the ACC, we would need to hand write everything and make sure the ACC had paper in their fax machine before faxing the booking sheets over to them – it was crazy. Now, it’s paperless and all we do is type everything up on the computer and email the booking sheets. We get a response very quickly and it’s easy to see when and what patients have been booked for their procedures.

Our Expert
Lisa Germano, Office Administrator, Robert G. Mirsky, M.D., PALisa Germano joined Dr. Mirsky’s ophthalmology practice 34 years ago, first serving as a technician. Today she serves as office administrator while continuing to
schedule surgeries and care for patients. Lisa graduated from Bryman Medical Assistant School in 1979.