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Certified Nursing Assistant Seminar

Nursing Assistants work to serve customers in need. They act as coordinators between customers and nurses and physicians. Customers need them when they are unable to execute their daily tasks by themselves.

Nursing Assistant Education

Healthcare organizations are continually adapting strategies to ensure they are meeting safe, ethical, clinical and evidence-based needs of diverse customer populations. When facilitating healthcare organizational change, it is critical for strategic planning. This strategic planning is necessary to determine how change should occur and the required steps that will promote positive change.

The increasingly complex needs of customers call for nursing assistants who are equipped with the knowledge to influence change that promotes the best clinical outcomes for our customers. These valuable staff members help shape clinical outcomes. Rahway has initiated a series of seminars under the leadership of Ann Marie Shears, led by Loretta Chappotin, MSN, RN Clinical Education under the Directorship of Dr. Randolph Haywood Jr., DNP, MSN, RN equips this staff with knowledge and skills that improve clinical outcomes and organizational goals resulting from transformational leadership. There first Seminar addressed, the importance of vital signs and timely documentation and how this information influences customer outcomes as it pertains to Sepsis. Also included is the role of the nurse assistant, delegation, communication, and utilization of SBAR, and ARCC communication tools. Twenty – five participants attended the first session of this series.

Nursing Assistant Education

Nursing Assistant Education