Become a RWJPE Provider

The RWJ Physician Enterprise is comprised of experienced, compassionate doctors who have their patient’s best interests at heart. Doctors who are invited to join RWJPE have been meticulously reviewed to ensure they are a good fit for the group.

Becoming an RWJPE doctor is a unique opportunity for central New Jersey-based doctors looking to affiliate with a growing, multi-specialty group. RWJPE offers the following benefits for doctors:

  • Support and backing of the well-known RWJ Barnabas Health System
  • Consolidation of all administrative, hiring, IT, and marketing efforts
  • A Board of Directors headed by community-based, RWJPE member physicians
  • A geographically diverse organization that invests in structure and personnel
  • Freedom to focus on providing patient-centered care, rather than being distracted with back office functions
  • A highly professional network of colleagues who share the goal of providing seamless high quality efficient healthcare to their patients

If you would like to learn more about becoming an RWJPE physician, please contact us and one of our Business Development representatives will contact you.