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Graduation Requirements

  • Staffing Assignment – every other weekend, 1 shift investigational drug service coverage per week
  • Completion of at least 1 major or 2 minor residency research projects
  • Submission of manuscript to a peer reviewed journal - Receipt of journal submission required
  • Preparation of a Medication Use Evaluation
  • Successfully complete at a minimum, the following presentations:
    • 3 patient case presentations
    • 2 journal clubs
    • 1 noon conference
    • 1 continuing education lecture to pharmacy staff
    • 1 healthcare professional education program
    • 2 community lectures/events
    • This is defined as 70% performance on rubric of each presentation documented by at least 2 preceptor assessments, with the exception of community events
  • Participate in Pharmacy and Therapeutics meetings
    • Prepare minutes for the meetings
    • Present results from MUE
  • Attend/Observe the following committee meetings as a guest at least once
    • Safety/Infection Control
    • Department Head Meeting
    • 2 Code Simulations, code blue committee, or 2 precepted code blues
    • Corporate Directors or clinical coordinators
  • Maintain active involvement in ASHP and NJSHP (New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
  • Attend at least 4 professional meetings (eg. NJSHP, ASHP, Eastern States, NJSHP CE meetings)
  • RESIDENT PERFORMANCE: Poor resident performance is defined as not achieving the specified set of resident objectives as outlined by the program during the residency period.
    • By the end of each respective quarter the following percent total of objectives should have been documented as achieved at least once: 1st quarter 15%, 2nd quarter 40%, third quarter 60%, fourth quarter 80%
    • Inability to “achieve” the above set percentage goals of objectives as addressed above or having the same percentage of objectives in the “needs improvement” status at these specified time periods may lead to dismissal from the program.