Program Faculty Members

RWJUH Pharmacy Leadership

Additional Faculty

May Nguyen, PharmD, BCGP, BCCCP – Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Emergency Medicine (RWJUH-Somerset), Clinical Assistant Professor, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Francesco Ciummo, PharmD, BCCCP – Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Critical Care (Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center)
Paul Mikita, RN – Lead Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Joshua Bucher, MD – Emergency Medicine Attending Physician, Medical Director RWJBH Mobile

Health Services

Denise Fernandez, MD – Medical Toxicologist, Emergency Medicine Attending Physician
Kristen Bohnenberger, PharmD, DABAT – Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Emergency Medicine and Toxicology (Penn Princeton Medical Center)
Laurie Eckert, RPh, MS – Clinical Pharmacist, Transitions of Care
Bruce Ruck, PharmD – Director of Drug Information Services & Professional Education (NJ Poison Information and Education System)