Innovative Curriculum

Cultural Competency

Jersey City Medical Center is known for its diverse patient population. Our residents are provided lecture in cultural competency to increase their ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures.

Johns Hopkins

Ambulatory Curriculum – The Johns Hopkins Modules

Residents are enrolled in Johns Hopkins Internet Learning Center. They are assigned to different modules which comprised of pre-test, comprehensive discussions and post test. Modules comprised of different diseases as well as other practical practice in medicine such as addictions, alcoholism, smoking and palliative care.

Board Review

This program is designed to help residents prepare for the American Board of Internal Medicine Examination. Faculty provides Board Review services in their specialties.

Academic Website

This is a website exclusive to the residents, students and alumni of Jersey City Medical Center (requires registration). This website provides up to date learning materials for the house staff including guidelines and clinical practice. It also includes helpful information and tips such as poster presentations, power point lecture presentations, fellowship applications, etc.