Group of Doctors

PGY-1 (1st Year Emergency Medicine Residency)

  • EM (26 weeks)
  • Peds EM (4 weeks)
  • Ortho (2 weeks)
  • ICU (4 weeks)
  • Trauma (4 weeks)
  • Pediatric Hybrid (4 weeks)
  • Anesthesia (4 weeks)
  • Vacation (4 weeks)

PGY-2 (2nd Year Emergency Medicine Residency)

  • EM (18 weeks)
  • Peds EM (4 weeks)
  • ICU (4 weeks)
  • OB (4 weeks)
  • Trauma (4 weeks)
  • PICU (4 weeks)
  • RESEARCH (2 weeks)
  • Elective (4 weeks)
  • Vacation (4 weeks)

PGY-3 (3rd Year Emergency Medicine Residency)

  • EM (26 weeks)
  • Peds EM (4 weeks)
  • CCU (4 weeks)
  • Trauma (4 week)
  • Elective (2 weeks)
  • Vacation (4 weeks)
  • Longitudinal Curriculum for Emergency Medical Services, Ultrasound, and Toxicology throughout the 3 years of training.

Didactics & Conference

  • Residents will participate in weekly didactics including various conferences, grand rounds, case studies, journal club, M&M, etc.
  • Residents will have on average at least 5 hours of planned didactic experiences per week.
  • Simulation Lab

Research & Scholarly Activity

  • All residents are required to participate in scholarly activity such as a quality, clinical, educational, and policy research projects.
  • Residents will have electronic access to medical library materials
  • The program will provide support for residents to attend regional and/or national conferences
  • Resident participation on hospital and/or department committees will be encouraged


  • Residents will be evaluated on the six core competencies through a variety of ways
    • Formal/Informal Feedback on a continuous bases through daily interactions with attendings
    • Direct Observation
    • Yearly In-Service Examinations
    • PD will evaluate and meet with each resident every 6 months
    • Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) will meet to review resident performance and oversee the promotion process
    • Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) will meet to incorporate feedback from faculty and residents into the program’s performance improvement process
    • Residents and faculty are encouraged to provide feedback at any time.
    • Residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback/evaluations on specific faculty and individual rotations on a regular basis.