Barnabas Health Information Exchange (BHIE)

The BHIE is a view of Cerner inpatient and outpatient data gathered from our main hospital sites and employed physician practices. It presents Cerner inpatient and outpatient visit data in one place.

How to Access BHIE and Why?

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Job aids for how to access from PowerChart or PowerWorks

Answers to HIE frequently asked questions

How-To Videos

How-To Videos

Terms of Use

Each access and use of the Barnabas Health Information Exchange (BHIE) constitutes your binding acceptance of all of the terms and conditions of the BHIE Policies and Procedures, as they may be updated from time to time.

What's in the HIE

Available data within the BHIE includes but is not limited to the following:

• Diagnosis, Problems and Procedures • Diagnostic Testing
• Medications and Immunizations • EKG Reports
• Allergies • Echo and Cardiac Cath Reports
• Radiology and Lab Results • Endoscopy Reports
• Provider Reports • Vascular Reports
• Consults and Progress Notes • Wound Reports
• Discharge Summary • Clinical Documentation
• ED Summary • Clinical Documentation
• History & Physical • ED Nursing Admission and Discharge Information


What is the BHIE

The BHIE stands for Barnabas Health Information Exchange. It is a view of inpatient and outpatient medical data in one convenient place. The view is integrated directly into the Cerner CIS and PowerWorks Ambulatory systems

What data is contained within the BHIE

The type of patient records available within the BHIE includes but is not limited to Provider Reports, Discharge Summaries, Clinical Testing and Radiology Reports, Clinical Laboratory Results including Microbiology and Anatomic Pathology Reports, Medication History, Problems, Diagnosis, Procedures, Allergies and a growing list of additional Medical Documentation.

How do I access the BHIE

Log into Cerner CIS or PowerWorks Ambulatory and click on the HIE or Barnabas HIE Community View button. The BHIE view will launch within a window directly within your current patient chart. Review the Job Aids on this training site for additional details on launching the BHIE

Who can use it

Within Cerner CIS the BHIE is offered to Physicians who currently have access to the system. For PowerWorks Ambulatory, All physicians and users with current Clinical Access will be able to use to the BHIE

Does the BHIE contain records from sources outside of Barnabas Health

At this time all of the data contained in the BHIE is collected from Barnabas Health, it's employed facilities and affiliated organizations.

Can I see inpatient and outpatient patient records in one screen

Yes. The BHIE collects medical records from our 80+ employed physician practices, and our main hospitals (excluding Jersey City Medical Center). The data is displayed together, presenting a more comprehensive landscape of the patient's total treatment history.

Do I have a separate login to the BHIE

No. If you have access to Cerner CIS or PowerWorks Ambulatory, the BHIE will be available to you from within any patient account.

Do I need to find my patient in the system

The BHIE view is linked to the patient chart already opened within Cerner CIS or PowerWorks Ambulatory. You will not need to search for the patient within the BHIE.

Can I search for specific tests

Yes. At the top of the view, place any search term in the "Page Search" field and then click SEARCH. If the term exists, it will filter into view.

Can I search for specific text within a note

Yes - open any note by clicking on the document and then use the Binoculars search button in the upper left corner of the view to open a text search window. Search for any term and it will be highlighted in the text of the document.

Can I see trending of results over time

Yes. Within the Lab Results and Vital Signs sections, data is defaulted to display in a graphical view. The most recent result are presented on the left most position, older data displays to the right of more current data building a trend over time.

What is the best use of the BHIE

Each profession and clinical specialty will find individual value and use cases for how to utilize the wide range of data available. The BHIE is a longitudinal medical record. Patient treatment data from the initial emergency visit, Lab and X-ray reports, through the follow up primary physician visit should, we hope enable a safer more comprehensive and cost effective level of patient care.

Can patients opt out and hide their data from the BHIE

Yes. Patients have the right and the option to "opt-out" of sharing their data in the BHIE. When we receive a request to opt-out a patient, the entire record will be unavailable.

What is the quickest way to get a short demo

From the main navigation, click Training Videos it contains short videos introducing some of the great features of the BHIE view

How can I use the BHIE if I don’t have access to Cerner CIS or PowerWorks Ambulatory EMR

If you are a physician credentialed with any of our hospitals you may be granted web portal access to the BHIE. This alternate access is only available to providers who do not have access to Cerner CIS or PowerWorks ambulatory EMR.

Where can I find more information on the BHIE

This training page has a wide range of additional information, including short Training Videos, and links to Job Aids. The Barnabas Health main website has a detailed "For Patients" page with extensive information about the HIE and related information for patients. Finally you may send an email to: for any specific questions.