Developing a Top Quality Evidence-Base For Supporting Autistic People and Their Families

In this talk, we will discuss the steps we need to take to provide a range of supports for autistic people, across the lifespan, which is both evidence-based and useful.

The talk will involve consideration of the following elements of this goal:

  • Trial design and reporting, including conflicts of interest and risk of harms
  • Inclusion and diversity in the data collection process
  • Co-production with the autism community
  • Alignment with the concept of neurodiversity

We will consider how we can apply these lessons to research but also options for more immediate improvements in the support provided to autistic people and their families, across the lifespan.

Speaker: Sue Fletcher-Watson, Ph.D., Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Edinburgh; Director of The Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre

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This webinar is presented by NJ Autism Center of Excellence (NJACE).