Bad Mother: The Intersections of Disability, Motherhood, and Institutionalized Ableism (Presented by NJACE)

Mothers of children with disabilities are a historically surveilled group. In the public imagination, and reinforced through media, they are romanticized, stigmatized, pitied, or villainized. Their experiences are situated in the context of a society in which disabled children are assigned lesser value and assumptions about their births as occasions for grieving are institutionally upheld. In this webinar, we will examine mothers’ experiences of ableism and their resistance to it. We will problematize the segregation of children with disabilities in schools and society. Through it, we will question societal assumptions about disability, contemplate the nature of human diversity, and consider the question of who belongs.

Dr. Priya Lalvani
Professor of Disability Studies at Montclair State University

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This webinar is presented by NJ Autism Center of Excellence.