Lung Cancer Screening Program

Lung Cancer Screening Program at Clara Maass Medical Center

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States and it is most curable when diagnosed early.

Advancements in imaging technology have made it possible to get a complete picture of the lungs using low-radiation-dose CT. With this painless and non-interventional exam, lung specialists at Clara Maass Medical Center are able to find lung cancer at the earliest possible time. At an early stage, an individual with lung cancer may not have any symptoms—--this is when the cancer has the highest likelihood of being cured.

Who is Eligible for the Lung Cancer Screening:

If you answer yes to either of the following questions, you may be eligible for this potentially life-saving screening at Clara Maass Medical Center:

* Are you a current or former smoker age 55 to 74 with a history of at least 30 "pack years" or more? A pack year is the number of packs smoked per day, multiplied by the number of years smoked.

* Are you a current or former smoker age 50+ with a history of at least 20 "pack years" or more, and with other risk factors? These include:

  • exposure to radon, asbestos or cancer-causing agents in the environment
  • significant exposure to second-hand smoke
  • a diagnosis of COPD or emphysema
  • a first-degree relative who has had lung cancer

For More Information

If you would like to learn more about the lung cancer screening program at Clara Maass Medical Center or have questions about this screening, please contact us at (973) 844-4166.